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Help for my mom?

My mom just recently started getting into makeup. She's really self conscious about how she looks for her age (even though I think she looks beautiful and all my friends think she looks great). She's trying to learn more and has been going to Clinique a lot lately for skin care advice and now makeup! I've been really into makeup for about 4 or 5 years now and I've learned a lot, but I've only really learned how to cater to girls my age (late high school/college). But I really want to help her and maybe get her a few basic things for mothers day (and her birthday coming up after) that I think would be good for her and help with what her "problem areas" are.


My mom is in her early/mid 50's. She has wrinkles on her eyelids and under her eyes. She also has some darkness and bags/wrinkles under her eyes. She says that her eye makeup and eyeliner do not last very long. She has been experimenting with foundations that will cover her dark spots (which are not too prominent on her face) and not settle into her wrinkles.


I was first going to pick up an eye primer for her because I think that's essential for anyone. I was going to get the too faced (color correcting) primer, but I was also considering getting a nude mac paint pot because those are quite a bit thicker than the too faced primer. But I'm not sure which would be better for wrinkles.


Also I was considering getting her the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette because it's all neutral shadows (which she likes) and they're all matte (which I've been told draws less attention to wrinkles).


I also wanted to get her a blush and some brushes, but any suggestions will help! I know what kinds of products work best for my age, but I'm not as educated on what will help older women. So I appreciate anyone who can share any tips! Smiley Happyme and my mommy =).jpg

Re: Help for my mom?

Both of you are beautiful! I am also in my fifties and have experimented with several foundations. I do not like a heave coverage wich in my opinion Clinique is. I tried Stilla foundation and the color match was perfect . My favorite for me is Este Lauder's Double Wear. It's the perfect combination of great coverage and thinness. Once it dries it is smooth and looks like you have applied powder. It does NOT sit in wrinkles which I love.. it is a bit expensive but it lasts a very long time, as you do not need much. I use the Stilla primer first then the foundation. Hope this helps. 

Re: Help for my mom?

Here is what works for me, someone her age... wish I had her clear skin tone, pretty mom!!!

to go on a clean face and neck AND ear lobes/just outta the shower;

dab on facial brown spots Clinique even better clinical dark spot corrector- let soak in...

then in palm of hand;

lima bean size Clinique repairwear laser focus, 3 to 4 drops Josie maran 100% pure argan oil, 2 or 3 squirts Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion (not gel)-rub hands together apply to neck, sides of neck, face and ear lobes quickly. Twice a day makes twice the results if you are in a hurry...its all about soaking it in the skin.

The Clinique laser repairwear focus is worth its weight in is a UV damage corrector and erases wrinkles, you can find this  Clinique normal size repair wear in the little kits and get 2 more repairwear samples in neon green  mesh purse here for excellent price, about 5 bucks over the laser repairwear focus price- that's how I weed out what works/doesn't and still get what works/laser repairwear.

Any way-remove all this at night with Clinique #2 clarifying lotion/toner or witch hazel...

I have found anything with shimmer exaggerates every single wrinkle and bag, lipline feathering, magnifies all wrinkles.


whatever cream eye concealer she chooses will effect her liner/mascara, where it travels, bleeds over, fades away...

I have heard lately that a clear mascara over reg mascara seals it from creamy concealers...

for facial dark spots benefit boiing 02, bobbie brown pale yellow is good also but has like a micro talc in it, not good when flakes off in my eyes...these two are creams so will effect all eye makeups..

NARS blush stays on, if she is a red head/hazel eyes, fair skin this is what will work- brush on lightly to whole face Doucer, and for the real blush SMALL amounts of Dolce Vita temple /cheek bone out to pupil, bridge of nose and chin, tiny bit on forehead- blend well with finger tips...she will see the simple layering pay off (I want their non shimmer bronzer) and can wipe away what she feels is too much easily- the above morning mixture of oil/moisturizer/repairwear etc, will hold this powder on nicely through out day...I really cant see her wearing too much BB's, CC's, etc, bet she will just do the concealer/eye liner and mascara/blush/excellent lipstick- maybe in an iced mocha color, or mauve brown.

I spend the $$$ for what works to solve my facial problems not to hide with makeup (future/up keep face investment) then actually considered buying small amount of higher quality make up that stays on and looks correct for me-more bang for my buck... ask her about this.

Remember if you sign her up here  she will get a birthday beauty gift with purchase of something...

I know this is long winded- hope it helps from some one her age/similar looks.

Re: Help for my mom?

Your mom is beautiful and so are you!  Your mom is like so many of my friends who just enjoy life and the outdoors but never got into makeup and are still in the 70's frame of mind (peace and love, baby).  She is a naturalist, so keep her makeup natural....less is more.  She may feel more comfortable in tinted moisturizers and bb creams (no powders).  Sponges for bb creams and fingertips for tinted moisturizers may be the easiest way to apply. I really like Smashbox's Camera Ready BB Cream, but I am trying their new bb cream with Color Corrector (same formula with color corrector added).  I'm hoping it will fade some dark spots I have developed. I also love Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer for days I don't want to wear much makeup. 


Concealers are tricky.  I'm still looking for one that I really like.  I am using creamier formulas than in the past.  Smashbox High Definition Concealer is what I'm wearing now. Her best investment would be a good firming and lifting eye cream.  It's a shot in the dark to find one that really works. They are also expensive.  I haven't had to start searching yet.


I quit using translucent powder because it settled in my creases, but I love Make Up For Ever's High Definition powder. It is so light and sets my makeup well.


As we age, our skin gets drier. A cream blush, probably matte or a little shimmer, in a pretty peachy-pink would add just a hint of color to her cheeks.  Her smile is contagious!  I would really play up the lips with a warm peachy-pink color in a creamy formula.  Smashbox's Mega Tint Long Wearing Lip Color in Whirl would be very pretty. Tinted lip balms are also an everyday alternative.  High shine lip glosses are just too.....shiny!


The eye area is really the toughest challenge as we age.  Here is where you really need to stick to neutrals and very little shimmer maybe even trying some cream shadows.  Urban Decay has a one of the best eye primers, but Make Up For Ever's shadows really have the best staying power: using a pale cream or pink highlighter on brow bone, medium tan shade on lid, and a darker brown or taupe in crease, maybe a little shimmer on the brow bone and inner corner of the eye, but not a lot.  A little pencil liner on the top lash line in dark brown and black mascara.  Tarte and Urban Decay have really creamy eyeliners that don't drag the skin.


I couldn't tell in the photo, but as we age our eyebrows start thinning on the outside corners.  I use Anastashia's brow powder duo with an angled liner brush to fill in just on the outside edges to frame my face.


This is a new area for her, so not too many steps. Keep it simple and have fun together!

Re: Help for my mom?

Does your mom use an eye cream? If she doesn't, that would probably help. The primer should help the makeup stay on, but an eye cream will be better help with the other issues around the eye. Since she is having success with Clinique, you might look at their options. I'm 49 and use All About Eyes (both regular and rich) but the laser repair might make more sense for her. I had horrible burning eyelids and crepe-y eyelid problems last year and the All About Eyes was great. It's one eye cream you can put on your eyelids. 


For primer, Urban Decay Eden covers pretty nicely, too. (I have veins that show on my eyelids and this hides them.) The Too Faced is good, too. 

Re: Help for my mom?

I think she might have started using the laser repair and she really likes how it feels! But the eye cream is a good idea too!

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