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Foreo Luna

I just bought the Foreo Luna a few days ago and have been using it twice a day. It made my skin really soft, but it’s also made my pores huge!! I’ve always had visible pores but now they appear larger and darker (I’m assuming it’s given me blackheads, but they’re just dark, not black). Has anyone else experienced this? As of today I’ve stopped using it, but I’m wondering if my skin would get better over time or if the foreo just doesn’t work for my skin. When I started using the device I started using a soy cleanser by Fresh... I don’t think it’s the cleanser that’s causing the issue... 

RE: Foreo Luna

I received the Luna 3 for sensitive skin for the holidays, and I couldn’t tell you the last time my face looked this nice. It could be the products you are using that are causing this issue because the Foreo really gets deep into your skin. I use Zo Skin Health products as I am prone to acne and my skin is very sensitive. They are pricey but do wonders if you use them as directed. I wouldn’t give up on it yet, but maybe switch some things around and try only using it every other day to start out so your skin has a chance to adjust!

Re: Foreo Luna

@Nadiro  I have the foreo Luna mini 2 and I do not have this issue.  It could be your cleanser and/or model of Luna. I only use Luna 2 once daily or every other day.  Using it twice daily is too much for my skin. It makes my pores smaller.  My skin looks smoother, brighter, and cleaner.  I have combination skin with dry and oily patches where my pores get clogged easily. I can only use the fresh soy cleanser on occasion when my skin is feeling dry and sensitive.  I think it’s a great cleanser and have friends (skin type dry, no pores visible who never break out) who swear by it but it doesn’t work for my clogged pores or skin type.

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