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Baggy eyes and aging lines

Hello, I am new here. I am so uncomfortable with my eyes and the under bags. I have tried everything with make up tricks, color corrector, 60 sec miracle cream, enough sleep, enough water, caffiene, and everything in between. I have a wedding in two weeks and would love to hide these bags and keep them away. What tricks/product recommendations do you have that will help me! Also, looking for light concealor or cover up that wont break the bank. I guess i'm looking for better skincare to respore my skin rather than cover it up. Thank you


Re: Baggy eyes and aging lines

@HeatherG21   I feel your pain, believe me! FYI, some under-eye bags are caused by fatty deposits under the eye, and require surgical correction (blepharoplasty). So please keep that in mind if nothing else seems to work.


If you want better skincare - never a bad idea - you could try one of the kits from The Ordinary, which is an economical line with a good reputation. I use some of their products myself. You could try The Ordinary The Balance Set or The Ordinary The Bright Set - just be cautious if using the Bright Set to strictly follow instructions to avoid skin irritation. It does include their caffeine eye formula, but you need to use it faithfully morning and night - it's not an instant fix. The Balance Set doesn't have the caffeine eye product, but you can buy it separately. The Ordinary Caffeine 5% + EGCG Depuffing Eye Serum 1 oz/ 30 mL 


I wonder if perhaps part of your eye bag issue is from allergies? Something to consider. An antihistamine might help, if so. Just remember that if you're going to have alcohol at the wedding, mixing it with an antihistamine isn't a good idea.


You've gotten some excellent suggestions from @lizLCh @CorgiMommy and @Buootiful already, so I will simply mention a couple of other ideas in case you can't get rid of the eye bags. If you wear a bright lipstick and low-key eye makeup, people's eyes will go to your mouth instead of your eyes.Or you could wear dramatic earrings to serve the same purpose.


Lastly, if you smile and laugh a lot, the crinkles around your eyes will hide a multitude of have fun. Sometimes the best makeup in the world is the self-confidence that comes from saying Eff it. Best of luck, hon. I hope you find a solution.

Re: Baggy eyes and aging lines

@HeatherG21  I think color correcting is your best friend here. It has taken me a while to figure this out myself, especially for the under eye circles.

1. Figure out your undertones. 
2. look at the color wheel and figure out which colors you need to color correct. 
3. Play around with which products work best for you (there are tons of options). I use the Stila color correcting palette since it has options and different colors (that match my undertone) to try. When I was first starting to figure out my color correcting, I took photos of myself, removed all the saturation (to look at the “value”of my tones; value is an art term). Once the photo was basically grey scale I can see which color corrector made my skin tone the most even.  
4. Once I color correct, I use the tart shape tape concealer. And set it. It’s worked for me! 

Re: Baggy eyes and aging lines

@HeatherG21 try Origins Ginzing™ Vitamin C Eye Cream to Brighten and Depuff it is a great product.  Works for me when i have'n gotten enough sleep and need to look my best.


if you don't want to commit to the full size try the mini.

Re: Baggy eyes and aging lines

I feel you on this issue and feel like nothing works either. Have you tried the cooling spoon trick? That could be a quick fix de-puffing trick to try in the morning? @HeatherG21 

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