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Attention, Attention! Read ALL About It! Skincare.. I need YOUR help ladies & gents.. for muh FACE 😳

Ok, so... I turned 30 at the end of January this year (2019) and I'm not sure if it was the thought of turning thirty or if I started noticing some pretty decent changes in my skin (aging wise) or possibly both! I've always had issues with redness, but I don't have roseaca, I don't have sensitive skin necessarily (or at least I wouldn't think I do and this is from my experience using MANY different kinds of skincare & makeup products - EXCEPT for the L'OREAL Cell Turnover Serum, I believe that's the name, it comes in a glass bottle with a pump on the top and the serumvlooks like a creamy/clear with good reflect, OMG that stuff had my face REDDER THAN RED and BURNING🥵, took my skin 2 months to get back to normal🥰), the normal redness is usually in my cheeks, DEFINITELY always my nose, and sometimes my chin. I have very large pores on my nose, the sides of my nose, and cheeks. As well as some hyperpigmentation. I have fine lines underneath my eyes, I also have those nasolabial folds, but no actual lines due to those (yet) it just makes me look much older, I think, and I have almost like droopy skin on my cheeks that causes an "indent", but the #1 issue I have is the wrinkles (and yes, I mean WRINKLES, at age thirty, on my forehead). I **use to (**Keyword) go indoor tanning almost daily, because I despise how pale I am - I would actually describe it more like see through, rather than pale - BUT I have quit that and haven't been in over 2 years (YAY for me!), but I know the indoor tanning made those, worse, along with any issues I already had, and anything I didn't have at the time, appear sooner rather than later. That was a long "history lesson" on my skin, sorry about that! But I have posted a picture or picture(s) - idk how many I can post with this - below so you all can see me with no make, NOTHING. This was actually from this morning... I hadn't even washed my face yet 😕 I need help with any and all skincare AND makeup (prefer skincare more so though) related products you think may help to take care of my concerns and to help conceal them, if not totally, just enough where they're not the first thing people see when they look at me - mainly, those forehead wrinkles!! I mean, just look at those! The BIG one goes from temple to temple! LOL Thank you to anyone who offers their help and advice!!

Re: Attention, Attention! Read ALL About It! Skincare.. I need YOUR help ladies & gents.. for muh FACE 😳

If you are sensitive to whatever "other crap" that is in the skin care products you are trying, I suggest trying out The Ordinary products. Although I have twenty years on you, I too have a real problem with all the additives in skin care products. I really don't think it is the beneficial ingredients, but rather the dyes, silicones, perfumes, ect. that are the problem, for me at least. I bought several items from The Ordinary, here on Sephora, as well as from the DECIUM site. DECIUM is the makers of several skin care products, from the lower end (The Ordinary) to mid-level ( Hylamide), to top shelf (NIOD). Even if you buy the NIOD products, they are comparable, in price, to other mediocre brands that are full of crap that is not good for you. DECIUM sells the "good for you" ingredients on their own. It does take a bit of researching to get a product list together to target your specific concerns. BUT... and here's the great thing, you can email DECIUM and ask for guidance!! They will ask for a list of your concerns and will give you a suggested protocol to follow for both morning and bedtime. You can also send pics of your face and neck in, so they can actually see what you are talking about. Over this summer alone, I have spent hundreds looking for a miracle products to target my concerns, to no avail. I ended up with severe breakouts, painful rashes and sore skin, so much so that I could barely touch my face. Then I took the time, did my research and DECIUM came out on top, by a landslide. To get started it could cost you as little as $50-$75 !! That is for everything you would need and it lasts a long  time as you only need a few drops twice a day. IMO, DECIUM has the absolute best, most pure products for any skin concern. It is worth a shot and I so, SO, wish I had found them before I wasted my hard earned dollars on a bunch of nonsense. 

Good luck to you and remember that sunscreen, in  all climates, at all ages, in all seasons, is an absolute must ! Sun damage is the number one cause of aging skin. Hope this helps!! 

Re: Attention, Attention! Read ALL About It! Skincare.. I need YOUR help ladies & gents.. for muh FACE 😳

@jrenee29 your skin looks great for the record!! Very bright and looks pretty clear based on the photos 😍😍 For preventive measure against aging, I would definitely suggest adding an spf to your daily routine if you aren’t already. Ive been using a neutrogena oil-free non-comedogenic spf 30 for years based on a dermatologist recommendation, but I also have sensitive, acne and eczema prone skin, so you probably have more options if your skin can handle more! I also definitely recommend adding a retinol!! I was using a neutrogena rapid repair daytime moisturizer with spf years ago because I had developed the “11s” and a slight line above my left eyebrow from squinting and treading so much during university. It definitely made a difference in reducing the lines, although I know now that retinol during the day is a BIG no!! It makes your skin sensitive to the sun. I’ve switched to using the neutrogena rapid repair regenerating night creme twice a week and the 11s or fine lines (even a relatively new one around my mouth) are gone. Retinol is a long game - don’t believe the “results in one week!” Type of hype. But it does work if you’re consistent! It can be drying though, so I do go through a lot of OLEHENRIKSEN - Sheer Transformation® Perfecting Moisturizer and LANEIGE - Water Sleeping Mask to help mitigate that - but I’ve been super happy with the results! 

Re: Attention, Attention! Read ALL About It! Skincare.. I need YOUR help ladies & gents.. for muh FACE 😳

@jrenee29 I think you look great! Your skin seems to be in good condition from what I can see. You can start trying to incorporate some retinol into your skincare. Retinol is the key ingredient in reducing signs of aging. I'm not an expert on it but I highly recommend Gothamista (she's a skincare expert on youtube). She has a great breakdown of how to start incorporating retinol into your skincare routine since it can be drying and sensitizing for some people. She also has lots of top choices for serums, toners, etc and explains the pros of each. Definitely use SPF everyday to help protect from further UV damage. I use the JOSIE MARAN - Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47 which is also very hydrating. During the day I use a Vitamin C serum, which is helpful for anti-aging and improves your SPF protection. Vitamin C also helps reduce hyperpigmentation. I like using toners and essences to add hydration to my skin since I live in a very dry climate. At night, I alternate between a hydrating, antioxidant, or exfoliating serum depending on how my skin is feeling. I top it off with  a nice moisturizer and eye cream. I tend to only use a chemical exfoliator once or twice a week at most. With the holidays coming up, lots of companies will be coming up with skincare sets, which is a good way to try a bunch of stuff and see what you like. For example, the FIRST AID BEAUTY - FAB Hidden Treasures has a little bit of everything, I would just add a hydrating toner like the FIRST AID BEAUTY - Ultra Repair Wild Oat Hydrating Toner and serum for daytime FIRST AID BEAUTY - Ultra Repair® Hydrating Serum. I'm a big fan of this skincare range and I feel like they do what they say without too much fluff.

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