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skincare for long flights

hi everyone! what are your musthave skin care items to pack with you on a long flight?? mine are moisturiser and makeup remover wipes! What do you you all normally take along?

Re: skincare for long flights

 I travel once a year between US and Asia, and it's a 20hrs+ flight! 


 I don't bother with makeup at all while I'm on the plane so all I bring is a hydrating masking, the Origins one, and definitely an eye cream. I also bring along a hand cream and a really intense lip balm! Since I bring along my hydrating mask, I don't usually do moisturizer until i am off the plane.  

Re: skincare for long flights

the 10 minute mask? So how do you apply it & wash it off? Also, is't it larger than 3 oz? 

Re: skincare for long flights

  I use the overnight one! Sorry, I forgot to also mention I depot everything or should I say, squeeze it into a small tub from Muji for airplane use.  


The Origins mask sinks into my skin and honestly, after such a long flight, the last time I used it, it had sunk in like a regular moisturizer by the time I landed! If it hadn't though, I would've simply tissued it off in the bathroom! Smiley Happy 

Re: skincare for long flights

I dont wear make up and takes:

- facial mist

- lip balm

- hand lotion

- gum

- anti-bac sanitizer.

Re: skincare for long flights

Ive never flown beyond 6hrs from east to west coast. but what i have learned is that its best to go without makeup. I know that is hard for most of us, but stay hydrated, well moisturized. if it was something where i had to wash my face then i would have cleanser, toner and a really moisturizing cream especially for the eyes. I do like to use my argan but i don't travel with it.

Re: skincare for long flights

All good ideas!  I would like to add eyedrops (it is so dry on the plane) and Colgate Wisps (disposable toothbrush/toothpaste, no water needed), or something similar.

Re: skincare for long flights

I don't wear makeup either, I just wait until I've landed to put it on. Airplanes are pretty grimy, so I find myself washing my hands and face a lot on trips. Plus, I try to sleep on planes to stave off jet lag and I just can't sleep with makeup on my face.


I'm adding my voice to the chorus suggesting that you stay hydrated, that recirculated air really dries you out. So drink lots of water (I bring a refillable water bottle so I'm not constantly bothering the flight attendants), use a facial mist, and apply lotion vigilantly.

Re: skincare for long flights

1. Clinique moisture surge (moisturizer)

2. Eye cream

3. Lip balm

4. Lotion

5. Q-tips


Flights can dry out your skin and deprive it of all the good stuff it normally gets from being in a non-artificial environment. The altitude and recycled air is not skin friendly, so pack the most nourishing products you can find Smiley Happy

Re: skincare for long flights

  • Hydrating mask for the nights before the flight and after I land.
  • B5 / hyaluronic acid gel. Hyaluronic acid molecules attract, bind, and retain water molecules to the skin & actually acts as a plumper. I don't see any options on here, but great ones are from Skinceuticals, Cosmetic Skin Solutions or Glo Therapeutics.
  • Any hydrating facial mist to apply to my face a few times throughout the flight. I use glo minerals Moist Hydration Mist, but they don't sell it here, so I searched and there are a few to choose from on Sephora. It looks like Laura Mercier, Fresh & Clinique have some great options. 


And get an aisle seat so you can drink lots of water before and during the flight ;-) 

Re: skincare for long flights

1. Eye roller gel (OH)

2. Facial mist (non aerosol), alcohol & oil free

3. mini La Mer or AmorePacific gel moisturizer

4. Clarins Hand Cream

5. FAB Ultra Repair Cream (the one in a tube) 

6. DDG Wipes- I don't know if he still makes them, but I got a few boxes of them a while back. They are individually wrapped & work as a makeup remover or refresher. 

7. Lip balm- Fresh or Dior lip glow

Re: skincare for long flights

I absolutely adore the Eve Lom Moisture Mask.  It's this quenching gel texture that is actually a leave-on (it says no rinsing is required; you can tissue excess away but I find there never is any excess- it soaks right in).  This mask would be fabulous for staying hydrated on a long flight!  As the item is 3.3 oz, you may need to scoop some into a little travel container...


And of course, a heavy duty lip balm such as the Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy.

Re: skincare for long flights

You guys are awesome! Love and appreciate all the suggestions!! Which of these overnight face masks are sold by Sephora?

Re: skincare for long flights

If I don't need to wear make up, I skip it, but will have a little carry on make up bag with me.


Pre-flight, I make sure my skin is HYDRATED! Planes are super drying on skin so I tend to skip lotion-like formulas and stick to a cream, something with a tad more weight so my skin doesn't just drink it all up in one go.


During the flight, I drink water (try to snag a giant bottle while in the airport before you hop your flight, those tiny cups they give hardly hold a thing). If you get water, try to ask for the ice in a separate cup, I know it sounds odd, but if you can manage to hold onto a cup with some ice chips closer to the end of the flight, you can lay them on your eyes gently or even glide over your undereyes to help soothe any puffiness. I also like to drink warm tea, avoid drinking it while it's hot (consuming hot water will just dehydrate you more). The tea bag (I like using black or green, even carry some tea bags with you on board) can be used over your eyes to ease tired lids and the caffeine in black and green tea can help perk up bags and tighten skin. If you do this, save the ice step for last. I like to dab on an eye cream after laying a warm tea bag on my eyes for a while to lock in extra hydration for such a delicate area.


I also never skimp on lip balm. I like emollient formulas with hydrating and nourishing ingredients. I avoid menthol or mint oils just because the cooling effect combined with cooler/drier air isn't going to do you any favors (same with lip plumpers, skip them for the time being while on the flight, you don't want stimulating/irritating ingredients causing your lips to tingle in less than savory conditions). Avoid anything too waxy as this just sits on top of lips and won't sink in and be absorbed.


Facial mists are great to keep in your bag, ones with humectants (moisture binding ingredients) are especially wonderful and can really re-energize you before you land.


If you want to toss on some make up, keep it simple. On moisturized skin, use a primer (this alone will smooth the look of skin and you can just sport this rather than foundation or powder) and then follow up with a tinted moisturizer or BB/CC cream (again, the goal is to keep things fresh, light, and natural). I tend to skip powder to avoid skin looking dry especially from being on a long flight, but if you must powder, lightly apply a translucent one. I like taking a cream or gel blush and adding a touch to cheeks and using it on my lips (multi-tasking products save space in your bag), use a tinted eye shadow primer or just swipe on a soft neutral on lids, mascara to subtly open eyes back up, and if need be a warm brown eye liner to avoid eyes from looking too harsh.

Re: skincare for long flights

Just like what other people have said, I use a facial mist and a facial moisturizer (which I apply every couple of hours). I also put on a lip stain (just for a bit of colour), but no other makeup. I have a good lip balm, antibacterial hand sanitizer (so many germs on planes and in airports) and a good moisturizer for my hands too. I like to have something with a light, relaxing scent for a bit of 'aromatherapy relief' on a long flight (but not strong enough that it will annoy other passengers!).

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