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Post in Combination Skin

product to make my skin brighter?

i have a clear complexion but i feel like its super dull i want something that will help my skin become brighter and nicer, any products i should use?

I love using the REN AHA Concentrate. It's gentle and eff...

I love using the REN AHA Concentrate. It's gentle and effective, and I have acne-prone skin. I also like that the consistency is really light, like a toner, so it goes under my moisturizer seamlessly. Try reading up some reviews on it, and if you feel like it's for you, get a sample of it from Sephora. I hope this helps and good luck!

There's a few options you go, if you are looking for a mo...

There's a few options you go, if you are looking for a more permanent but patient route for results, skin care investment will be the best bet. Thing like alpha hydroxy washes or treatment masks work wonders. Alpha hydroxy is also commonly referred to as glycolic acid, though it sounds harsh it's really fruit sugars and enzymes like pineapple, papapya, orance, and lemon. These enzymes help break down dead and dull skin to reveal a smoother and brighter complexion, in a sense chemically exfoliating the skin so you don't need to rely on harsh, manul or physical exfoliants like scrubs with fruit seed powder or sugar granuals which can be rough, scratch and tear at skin, and even irritate and cause inflammation with excessive use. AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) are more gentle to the skin, along with AHAs, other chemical exfoliants that help perk up complexions are lactic acid which is milk sugars and proteins, and even beta hydroxy acid (BHA), most commonly salicylic acid. Though is often used in acne fighting regimens, when AHA and BHA are paired together they do a stand up job on brightening, cleansing, exfoliating, and ridding skin of excess oil and bacteria.

Peter Thomas Roth makes an Anti Aging gel cleanser that has AHA and BHA while Anthony Logistics (though advertised as a men's line) makes an AHA (glycolic) cleanser that also contains aloe to soothe skin. I've used both and love it! They even out a complexion and even clear acne marks and give a brighter complexion.

You may want to look into Philosophy's kits like The Microdelivery Peel (in a two step regimen and peel mask) and Oxygen Peel. All three use differnt methods to give a more radiant complexion, I'm a huge fan of the OP one because it instantly brightens by using a blast of pure oxygen to push out oil, bacteria, and dead skin out pores and clears oxidation damage leaving skin fresher and brighter.

For a quick, temporary fix, use cosmetic products light highlighters and luminzers. Though these come in various forms, liquid, cream, and powder, I love the liquid ones from Benefit (like High and Moon Beam and Girl Meet Pearl), Smashbox's Artificial Light (check their webpage I can't remember if Sephora still carries their liquid version), and Lorac's luminzer. Add a drop to foundation or to your face lotion for an all over glow or slight perk up or do your face make up as is and add a bit to your cheekbones/orbital bone and blend into skin to really pick up on bone structure and give a more designated glow to skin.

To keep your complexion look bright and radiant you shoul...

To keep your complexion look bright and radiant you should research anything with glycolic acids in them they remove dead skin cells and help your complexion to look it's best! Hope this helps!Smiley Happy

LOL! You sounded just like me a few years ago. I actually...

LOL! You sounded just like me a few years ago. I actually found a moisturizer that I use from head to toe so it's nice to have just one bottle instead of 3 or 4 different kinds sitting around. It's called Beaulee's and it really has changed my skin and made it look and feel healthy. The nicest part is that it's 100% natural so I feel confident applying something healthy to my skin every day. I stumbled upon your question while I was trying to purchase it on this website along with some other items for Christmas gifts. It appears they don't sell it here but they have there own website you can find it by just typing in Good luck with it, you'll love it like I do. Enjoy your holidays!

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