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Post in Combination Skin

need help with sun screen

Hi everyone, i don’t really have a skin care routine for my skin since i never really needed it since i’ve always had clear skin. and i was always told to use skin care so i can take care of my clear skin.


but whenever i would put something on my face that wasn’t unscented dove soap it would break me out badly. so i gave up and just let it be.

but now that i’m older (18) i sometimes get red spots and my skin has become textured but no acne, and some bumps on my forehead and cheeks at times but not a lot. and i live in a area where it’s very hot

( a island)


and i need sun screen recommendations for my skin. my skins oily most of the time, but not too bad it’s just a bit moist almost as if i have face cream on. but my forehead and nose area gets dry at times.  and i have very sensitive skin and break out easily.


i would love to hear your recommendations and advice!. hopefully a mineral sun screen since i hear those are less harmful!


( only stuff i use on my face is neutrogena makeup wipes and it doesn’t break me out but their other products do!)


also i have some uneven color on my forehead so if there’s anything that could help let me know! thank you so much

Re: need help with sun screen

I have combination skin and I’ve tried a few sunscreens but none of them worked. They would make a white cast on my face and it would make the oily parts of my skin dry and the dry parts of my face oily. I’m sure there’s other sunscreens that work just as well as the one I’m going to suggest but the only one that works for me is the sun bum sunscreen with 50 SPF. It blends really well into my skin, it doesn’t leave a white cast and it even moisturizes my skin. And it’s 20$ CAD. I think you can find it at shoppers.

Re: need help with sun screen

I have incredibly sensitive skin so I know exactly where you’re coming from. I’ve tried a bunch of sunscreens that didn’t help so I hope that this one that works for me works for you. I use supergoop unseen sunscreen and it doesn’t make my face break out or get greasy. They have a bunch of options such as matte or dewy if you have a preference about that as well!

Re: need help with sun screen

@linajohn27  For oily skin a zinc based sunscreen would both provide sun protection and absorb some of the excess oil Biossance Squalane + Zinc Sheer Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 PA +++ 3.38 oz 100 mL 


When you say you have uneven color on your forehead are you talking about redness, scarring or darker melanin based patches? 

Re: need help with sun screen

Hi thank you for your recommendation!

and my uneven color on my forehead is darker melanin patches i believe, hyperpigmentation evens around my mouth too but it’s nothing too dark but it still bothers me that my face isn’t even

Re: need help with sun screen

@linajohn27 knowing that you have sensitive skin and that you'd like a mineral sunscreen, I'd suggest either a K-beauty sunscreen (I know that both @SportyGirly125 and @heartsmyface could probably recommend some good ones) or the new First Aid Beauty Mineral Sunscreen Zinc Oxide Broad Spectrum SPF 30 1.7 oz / 50 mL since that's a brand that caters toward more sensitive skin types.

Re: need help with sun screen

thank you so much!

Re: need help with sun screen

Thank you!

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