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Post in Combination Skin

dry face skin

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good lotion (or any other solution) for me.


My skin on my face gets extremely dry throughout the day to the point where I can see it starting to flake/peel. I notice it most around my eyes & on my eyelids and near the corners of my mouth, but I also see it lightly on my cheeks. I have combination skin, so those parts of my face get very dry, but my T-zone and sides of my nose get really oily. I'm not sure if the dry skin is just from the harsh winter weather/seasonal change, but even on the nice, warm days, I still notice some dry patches.


A little bit about my skincare/makeup routine:

I wash my face in the morning & at night with Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash (I've been using it for a while & have never had a problem; my forehead and cheeks are prone to the occasional pimple). I occasionally switch it up and use Korres Milk Proteins Foaming Cream Cleanser. I always moisturize after washing my face, usually with Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. I lightly spot treat the occasional pimple with a salicylic acid gel. As for makeup, I apply primer after moisturizing, then use mineral foundation.


I'm looking for a lotion that is lightweight & won't make me break out, but also something that is heavy enough to take care of my dry skin. My skin is on the more sensitive side, but I can handle lightly fragranced things.

Re: dry face skin

Well i think you've got a pretty good routine going. Instead of changing things i think you should incorporate a hydrating oil. Argan has been beneficial for as well as many people, although for some it makes them breakout, it just depends how your skin will react. I also have flakey skin, but it has really stopped being so dry after i switched to the korres milk protein cleanser that you mentioned, and as a night cream i have been using Josie Marans Infinity cream. I have not seen any flakiness since using it. The scent isn't overwhelming for me. Its fairly priced as well, you get 2.2 oz for $28. I think that is a great deal. Also are you exfoliating? 

Re: dry face skin

I'll definitely have to try Josie Marans infinity cream. Thanks! Yes, I do exfoliate. I try not to exfoliate too often, but even when I do it often, I've never had a problem in the past with excessively dry skin. I'm exfoliating a bit more these days, as I'm a performer, and I've got Ben Nye creme colors & glitter on my face every night, which seems to go right through my primer/foundation and straight into my pores...

Re: dry face skin

Oh i bet thats hard to get all that off your skin. A chemical exfoliator such as Exfolikate or Algenist MicroPolish peel might help with that.

Re: dry face skin

I have very similar skin, and I use a serum prior to applying my moisturizer. The Ole Henricksen Truth Serum® Vitamin C Collagen Booster is great for added moisture. I only pat it on my cheeks, crows feet area and my neck. I don't usually apply it to my t-zone. Also I would recommend using a very mild cleaners to not strip anymore natural oils out of your skin.

Lastly I use the Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil and add a couple of drops in with my moisturizer. I also tried Argan oil and although I liked it, I personally didn't see a great improvement. These steps have helped my skin so much. Hope that helps.

Re: dry face skin

Have you checked out AmorePacific's treatment enzyme peel?

I find it really helps to "eat away" all the dry flakes with plant extracts. It's gentle enough to use every day, and the powder turns into a foam, meaning it doesn't have beads or harsh jagged exfoliants. 

If you like your routine, but notice you're getting dry during the day, check out some hydrating mists that are alcohol free. They can be applied over makeup without disturbing it.

Re: dry face skin

Thanks! I've seen the Evian ones around, and the last time I wanted to try a grape water mist (it was offered a while ago as a trial or something from Sephora), but they were out last time! I'll definitely have to try the mist, esp. for summer!

Re: dry face skin

For your eyes, take a look at Clinique's All About Eyes.  If you have access to a store, see if you can get samples of both the regular and the rich.  I find it hydrating and good for bags under the eyes, and great for dryness.  I had terribly dry, flaky eyelid problems last year, and using this finally cleared them up and they're fine now.  You can use it on the lids.  (Mine were so bad and so sore I was putting it on more than twice a day, which is when the Rich formula became nice.)


If you use too much, you'll have trouble keeping eye makeup on, so beware.  But I found it great for dryness.


Re: dry face skin

I have EXTREMELY dry skin and I use Eucerin Original Healing it is heavy but its the only thing that will work for me especially in the Winter. I have the same problem visibly flaky skin which isn't a good look and this clears it up completely! 

Re: dry face skin

For a heavier nighttime lotion, I like Origins moisturizer with Mimosa:


When I need extra relief, I add a few drops of jojoba oil and that usually does the trick! I've also heard good things about the Fresh Seaberry oil so might try it out sometime.


During the day, I've just started trying out Philosophy's Take a Breath, which is less hydrating but is SO lightweight, refreshing, and helpful for oil control.


Finally, I recently found out about the AmorePacific spray for extra hydration during the day.

I haven't used it yet but chose this over the Evian spray and the Fresh rose toner because it might be more moisturizing.


Hope that helps!




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