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Post in Combination Skin

bumps all over face



All of sudden I am starting getting bumps with white point in center and some becoming full acnes on my face .Attached is pic for reference.Any suggestion .

Re: bumps all over face

I have found that amorepacific treatment enzyme peel has done wonders for my skin.  It is a chemical exfoliator that really works.  Get a sample and try it. Smooths the face and gets rid of the bumps!!! 

Re: bumps all over face

I actually got an issue like that before. That was when I had one whole lobster to myself, greediness is a sin-no lie. A night later, my skin cleared up. Lesson here is a healthier diet and not a whole lobster to myself...


As for you, you may want to try a gentle cleaner like FAB face wash and acne treatment like the Origins Spot Treatment.

Re: bumps all over face

You may be having a bad reaction to some product in your skincare/makeup routine. If you had added/changed any products that you use right before all of this started, that very well may be the culprit. Personally, I would start with the Tarte Maracuja Oil - I just stared using the Tare oil two days ago and have noticed clusters of tiny whiteheads on my cheeks and larger, plump whiteheads on my forehead. I think that it may just be too comedogenic for acne prone people with larger pores - or I may but be intolerant to it. Either way, the oil caused me to have breakouts that look very similar to yours (only larger in scale). If that isn't the culprit, then just switch up one part of your skincare/makeup at a time. Looking for changes in diet, sleep, and stress would also be wise - they're known to trigger sudden acne too. 

Re: bumps all over face

Thanks for mentioning diet and sleep. I only remembered after you mentioned it but I realize they get less if I drink LOTS of water. I guess it reduces oil production keeping your skin hydrated. 

Re: bumps all over face

I just changed my cleanser to a charcoal containing one and I've noticed a huge difference with my under-the-skin bumps

Re: bumps all over face

Thanks to lovely people for suggestion .I included Tarte Oil and FAB cleanser in my routine.Could it be the reason ?

Re: bumps all over face

Try using a benzoyl peroxide gel/cream. I know you can find it at drugstores, but I didn't find any at the ones around me. You can always ask your doctor/dermatologist to prescribe some for you. Benzoyl Peroxide is a great ingredient for clogged pores because it sinks deep into your skin, fights through all of the oil and dirt, and it kills any bacteria that will cause bacteria. It comes in strengths of 2%, 5%, and 10%, depending on how sensitive or stubborn your skin is. 

Re: bumps all over face

I was actually planning to post about exact same thing today! I have exactly the same problem, and I believe the culprit is clogged pores. I have visible pores on my forehead and combination skin with oily t-zone.


I find that being dedicated to cleansing/moisturizing helps but I still get clogged pores which I cannot help picking. I dont have blackheads but sebum build up that feels "gritty" under my skin. If I can manage not to touch my face, very few of them actually turn into whiteheads.  


But I usually have this cycle of bumps-blemishes-healing-clear skin cycle that takes about a week :/ I am definitely open to suggestions to improve this. Also I am thinking of  using a  mask to clear my pores on my forehad. I have clear skin everywhere else...


Re: bumps all over face

I've been getting these too! It's made me also try to really crack down on my skincare regimen. I have combination skin that's really oily around my t-zone.

I wash my face 2x per day (with the red clay cleanser from FAB), use toner (it's just a neroli hydrosol that I bought from my workplace), and moisturize (with the ultra repair moisturizer from FAB).. |

Plus I've been trying to use a detoxifying face mask once a week (usually the Origins Charcoal facemask or Boscia black mask). It seems to be helping..

Sometimes, I also find that if it gets really bad.. I have a mixture of tea tree oil and lavender in comfrey gel (I'm sure you can just put this in a carrier oil.. or directly on your skin but tea tree oil is very drying) and it helps to soothe bumps like this and minimize them. 

Hope that helps!

Re: bumps all over face

sorry updating the correct picture Smiley Sadphoto 2.JPG

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