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Wondering about getting a Clarisonic or not!

Hey guys,

Thanks in advance. I am seeking suggestions, on whether to buy ,the Clarisonic Mia 2 skincare tool or not.

A Bit about my skin type:

- combination skin (I am an Asian)

- occasional breakouts on chin,cheeks and forehead (not the cystic ones! thank god)

- Blemishes

- Blackheads on my nose

- Enlarged pores around my T-zone

- whiteheads on my forehead, chin and jawline (recent development)

My daily beauty regime


- A-derma soothing foaming gel

- Avene Cleanance MAT cream

- ISDIN Photofluid sunblock (Absolutely love this product!)

- NUXE lip balm

- Origins Ginzing eye cream (the small orange bottle)



- Mac Cleanse Off oil( to remove my makeup)

- GARNIER Micellar water 

- A-derma Soothing foaming gel

- St Ives Apricot Scrub/ Aveda Tourmaline Scrub( twice a week, either one of them)

- Face Mask (Glamglow Supermud, Dead Sea Mud, Lemon peels,Glamglow Moisture mask, Fullers earth with rose water, Origins Charcoal mask- anyone of them!)

-rose water

-Avene Cleanance MAT cream

- Origins Ginzing eye cream

- Nuxe lip balm


I know thats a lot! But suggestions would be helpful. 


xoxo Dee!





Re: Wondering about getting a Clarisonic or not!

@Devu21  I may be the only voice of dissent, but if you have some sort of exfoliation routine pat down that's works for your skin, or if you have sensitive skin, I'd say nay. 


I bought a Mia2 years ago and I only break it out once or twice a month. Daily, biweekly, and even weekly use was too much aggravation for my skin and it broke me out 😞 When I stopped using it my skin returned to normal. It did look great right after I used it, but considering how much my skin broke out after, I wouldn't dare use it more than twice a month. 

Re: Wondering about getting a Clarisonic or not!

I'd have to agree with @MSena that if you feel like you have a routine that works, it may not be the best investment.


Clarisonic doesn't break me out and I like it but don't love/need. I could live without it. I had to have the clarisonic smart profile and while I don't think it was a terrible purchase, it certainly wasn't necessary looking back. I do think smart is worth it with the foot and body attachments which are what I use the most! I wanted a clarisonic because I work for a fire department and am exposed to lots of pollutants, irritants, and carcinogens. I usually only use it on my face after work if we've been in a lot of crap, I don't even use it after every shift. It wasn't a life changer for my skin but it's a nice piece of mind that I'm getting a good deep clean after being exposed to some nasty stuff.


I also agree with others that the luna play may be a good, cost effective option at this  point if you're dead set on trying a tool. 

Re: Wondering about getting a Clarisonic or not!

Maybe this will help... i saw the mia at winners for $99 at a couple Toronto locations 

RE: Wondering about getting a Clarisonic or not!

I’ve had my Mia 2 for three weeks and got it after using a spin brush from Vanity planet for two years and within two days of using the Mia, I saw a HUGE difference in my skin. My breakouts cleared up faster and my skin isn’t as red or textured. The brush is so soft and doesn’t irritate my skin like the spin brush did. I didn’t realize how rough my textured skin had become because of the harshness of the VP spin brush. I definitely think it is worth the money. It’s expensive but if you take good care of it (following the instructions) then I think it’s a great investment. It’s changed my skin so much, I’m obsessed! Good luck with your search girl!

Re: Wondering about getting a Clarisonic or not!

I had a Clarisonic but threw it out in favour of a Foreo Luna.  For travelling, it was sort of too large and heavy.  It needed to be charged frequently which was a pain.  The worst part was that I had to buy brushes on an ongoing basis (think ink cartridges/printers).  The Foreo Luna is small, light, holds a charge for almost a year, is easy to clean, and needs no replacement parts. Best of all, it works very well. Foreo is cruelty-free as well.

RE: Re: Wondering about getting a Clarisonic or not!

I think yours may have been defective. I only charge mine once a month. I was the opposite. I owned both as well but gave my Foreo to my son. I do own the toothbrush and love that.

Re: RE: Re: Wondering about getting a Clarisonic or not!

No, I do not think it was defective.  Mine was like that and a friend experienced the same thing with theirs.  I used my Clarisonic twice a day and I use the Foreo twice a day and it is a world of difference in terms of charging.  It is literally once a year for my Foreo.  

Re: Wondering about getting a Clarisonic or not!

I am in agreement with the other girls that have posted. The Clarisonic is one of my favorite beauty items I own. It's like having an electronic toothbrush but for your face 🙂 


I, myself, primarily use it at night. It's the most effective cleansing tool I've ever had - and after using it my face feels amazing.


Highly Recommend.

Re: Wondering about getting a Clarisonic or not!

Great. Thanks Carly!

RE: Wondering about getting a Clarisonic or not!

@Devu21 I cannot express how much I love my Clarisonic! It doesn’t seem like you’re sensitive so you can get the Mia 1 and save some money. The only difference is that the Mia 2 has two speed settings instead of 1. I don’t have sensitive skin so I always use the high setting. I could’ve gotten away with a 1 and been totally fine. Other than that, it’s been one of the best things to happen to my skin. The foundation brush is also great! I use either that or my Artis Oval 7. ❤️❤️❤️

Re: RE: Wondering about getting a Clarisonic or not!

Thanks sweetie !

Re: Wondering about getting a Clarisonic or not!

I absolutely LOVE my Mia2.  I've had it about a year and a half now and I use it every day in the shower.  I used to consistently have oily skin and my skin had definitely evened out a lot since I started using my Clarisonic.  Honestly the biggest difference that I've seen is that I used to have embarrassingly obvious blackheads on my nose and I was really self-conscious about it; I'd use pore-cleaning strips and astringents, good cleansers, and anything else I could think of just to try and clear them up but nothing really worked well.  I was amazed that after I started using my Mia2--and granted, it didn't happen absolutely immediately--my blackhead problem has literally completely cleared up.  I still use high-quality skincare products, of course, and I'm sure that they also play a big part in it but I give most of the credit to having the Clarisonic.  Bonus: it really helps remove makeup at the end of the day AND you can buy so many attachments from different textures of brush heads to the really cool foundation head.  Can you tell that I like mine? 🙂

Re: Wondering about getting a Clarisonic or not!

Thanks !

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