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What is a good product to use to get rid of pores and blackheads?

I have a lot of blackheads on my chin and nose and big pores on my cheeks. I was wondering what is a good product to use to help minimize pores and get rid of blackheads?

Re: What is a good product to use to get rid of pores and blackheads?

Blackheads can be treated with the aid of a product infused with salicylic acid. SA helps to regulate oil and dissolve sebum which is what is trapped within the pore and has then oxidized to produce the black color we see and associate with blackheads.


In addition to salicylic acid, other ingredients like clay or charcoal can also help draw out impurities and excess oil from skin's surface to help in ridding blackheads and decreasing their occurrence.


The below threads have some info and products that can address them including treatment products, toners, and masks:


You can also look into extractions for a more immediate removal of blackheads from a skin care therapist or aesthetician.


They do a mild cleaning and steaming of the face to open and relax pores and then use an extraction tool to force blackheads to the surface to be removed. The skin is then treated to close up the pores, then properly moisturized. Though this extraction tool is sold in beauty stores, please do not attempt to do extractions at home unless you are trained or have the proper knowledge on procedure as incorrect use can lead to harsh treatment of skin (damaging capillaries/blood vessels) and even scarring as sometimes a bit of concentrated pinching is needed to help extract.

Also if skin is not properly prepped and finished off it can lead to more damage or even more blackheads. Always seek a professional to do extractions!


Extractions do range in sensation from a mild pinch to more of a slight pressure, so be sure to always express if you are feeling extreme pain as the asethetician is extracting black heads. Not all of them will hurt, normally ones that are larger or trapped deeper require more elbow grease to work out, but it's one of the quickest and most effective ways to remove them.


In regards to your pores, there is no way to change/alter the size of them permanently and a key way to minimize their appearance is to keep them clean/clear (can be achieved through the use of ingredients such as salicylic acid, astringents such as witch hazel or willow bark/herb extract, charcoal, and muds, all of which are covered in depth in the above info/threads).  To help improve the appearance of pores, strengthening ingredients such as artichoke extract or various saccharides which will target cell walls and increase resiliency and elasticity.


Artichoke extract is one of the ingredients used in Boscia's Black line. The line focuses on oil control but also helping to detox skin and addressing pores.


Little Black Book


Algenist is another brand that utilizes alguronic acid, which is a blend of polysaccharides and algae based derivatives to address pores.

Multi-Perfecting Pore Corrector Concentrate


If you're interested in trying various products/treatments to address pores and blackheads, try the Skin Cleanse Vol. 2 Sephora Favorites Kit:

Sephora Favorites - Skin Cleanse Vol. 2



Re: What is a good product to use to get rid of pores and blackheads?

I have a deluxe sample of Algenist Multi-Perfecting Pore Corrector that I've been applying to my nose area for about a week and I think it's starting to help which makes me SO excited cause my nose pores are gross.



Re: What is a good product to use to get rid of pores and blackheads?

You should try Biore pore strips! They work so well. Also, people suggest using/making an egg white mask but I haven't had much luck with that.

Re: What is a good product to use to get rid of pores and blackheads?

I like Dr. Brandt's Pores No More (got it in my Skin Cleanse Vol 2 bag). Also, Benefit's Porefessional is great as well. To minimize pores, a mask usually helps - I like both of Glamglow's masks or the Origins Clear Improvement Clay mask.

Re: What is a good product to use to get rid of pores and blackheads?

You will never be rid of pores, but you can find products that will help to give the appearance of a smoother finish.  Clinique Pore Perfector is amazing.  You can dab a small amount where you need it, then apply your foundation over it.  During the day, if you feel as though your pores are visible again, especially if you have an oily skin, and by mid afternoon, you are in need of a touch up; you can apply this product over your make up.  It comes in a few shades, but you can get the invisible one and you won't ruin your make up if you apply it over your foundation for a quick touch up.

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