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Post in Combination Skin

Toner for sensitive skin

I have oily skin and was looking for a toner that would help? My skin is also very sensitive and acne prone

Re: Toner for sensitive skin Listerine is not a something that you would want to use. no no no no no. I would go with the suggestions that Melissa gave on the toners from Clinique.

Re: Toner for sensitive skin

Good gosh, though Kamkamlove may swear by Listerine, I wouldn't look in the dental aisle for your first and best bet for a product to soothe and treat your skin!


It's better to play it safe with SKIN care items rather than venture into more unconventional methods since you state your skin is very sensitive.


Korres has their Pomegranate toner that is perfect for oily/combination skin that is also acne prone. It's anti-oxidant rich (got your vitamin boost to protect and treat skin), contains a natural astringent to clear pores of oil and sebum, and contains a humectant to bind healthy moisture to skin to keep it balanced.



Re: Toner for sensitive skin

Who said anything about swearing by it?  This is a board of advice and I was sharing my own experience.  Take it or leave it, but it worked for me!  And I have amazing skin thank you very much.

Re: Toner for sensitive skin

I second lylysa's recommendation for the Korres Pomegranite toner! I use it and love the results! It also smells great.

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