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Post in Combination Skin

Toner for sensitive skin

I have oily skin and was looking for a toner that would help? My skin is also very sensitive and acne prone

Re: Toner for sensitive skin

I have sensitive skin that can get oily but dries up like crazy with strong solutions. I finally discovered Dior Gentle Toning Lotion with Velvet Peony Extract and its perfect! It does what its supposed to without irritating my skin at all.

Re: Toner for sensitive skin

Hi Lizzy8586,


I highly recommend the Clinique Mild Clarifying Lotion. When I worked for Clinique we had a lot of clients with sensitive purchasing this product. It contains ZERO alcohol and almost a lotion type texture. It feels replenishing and does not dry out skin.

<3 Melissa

Re: Toner for sensitive skin

Ahhh, the perfect person to ask!  Which Clinique toners contain alcohol?  I'm deciding between formulas and am unsure.

Re: Toner for sensitive skin

you want with or without?

clinique mild clarifying lotion has none and is great for sensitive skin
Most of their other versions (clarifying lotions 1-4) have some alchohol


Re: Toner for sensitive skin

Ohh, alcohol has to do with it? Because come to think of it, the dior toner that I am obsessed with is alcohol free.

Re: Toner for sensitive skin

Ooh, ooh!  Another question: Since you've been exposed to tons of other brands with Sephora, what would be the "best of" products from Clinique?  What are the ones not to miss?  (ESP combo skin)

Re: Toner for sensitive skin

If I may, chubby sticks. awesome eyeshadow pencils and lip stick, balm, and gloss pencils.

I like the glosses the best Smiley Happy

and the Moisture surge intense moisturizer won the "most wanted moisturizer" award on elle

Re: Toner for sensitive skin

You are/were a counter girl with Clinique?

Re: Toner for sensitive skin



For combo skin, the Mild Face wash, Clarifying Toner number 2 and the Dramatically Different Moisturizer. The Super Rescue for night and the Super Defense SPF 25 Dry Combination for the day!

<3 Melissa
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