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Teen Skincare

A few months back I asked a very similar question about skincare and got great recommendations and help that I decided to ask again.  

Right now, I use cetaphil gentle cleanser and aveno positively radiant daily moisturizer SPF 25 in the morning and at night I use the same cleanser and neutrogena night moisturizer (I forget the name).  
I want to try an eye cream because I want to get a head start on anti aging for my eyes and I would also like to use a serum or something for acne marks.  Also, any exfoliaters that you can recommend would be great.  Thanks Smiley Happy 

Re: Teen Skincare

For a good introductory eye cream try Clinique's All About Eyes or Origins' Eye Doctor. Both are simple formulas that help with depuffing, soothing, and helping with dark circles, the more common issues that can occur around the eyes at a younger age rather than jump right into the anti-aging bit.


As for a serum to help with post acne marks, I suggest starting with something not super loaded with skin fading or lightening ingredients as your skin is still young and able to regenerate and bounce back a bit easier. Try Ole Heriksen's Truth Serum, a vitamin C rich serum that combats oxidative damage while helping brighten everything from post acne marks to sun spots. Vitamin C is also great to kick start natural collagen production so you can even dab a bit around your eyes. I've used this serum for post acne marks and a couple of sun spots and love how gentle it is and how it doesn't make my skin light sensitive.


In terms of exfoliators, if you like something with physical particles, try Boscia's Smoothing Facial Polish, it uses sugar polymers rather than granuals as they're much softer and more gentle. You still get the "buffing" sensation without worrying about tearing at your skin. For a chemical based exfoliator, try a glycolic facial wash. Glycolic acids are fruit sugars and enzymes that break down dead skin and promote new and healthy skin regeneration. They help with brightening (also great for post acne marks) and are very gentle on skin and can be used in regular face washes. My favorite is Anthony Logistics' Glycolic Wash. It's a simple formula that won't irritate skin and has conditioning ingredients too!

Re: Teen Skincare

Hi!  It sounds like you've got a great routine so far.  For an eye cream, I would recommend Clinique's All About the Eyes-it's very hydrating and works well:


I don't have many acne marks, so I'll let someone else recommend products to you for that.  


For an exfoliator, I love Bliss's Fabulous Foaming Face Wash Cleanser/Exfoliator.  I use it in place of my cleanser twice a week, (three times if I have a breakout I need to take care of, but never more than that).  It really keeps the breakouts to a minimum, and makes my skin smoother:


Hope this helps!


Re: Teen Skincare

Thank you so much for your suggestions! I am very excited to try them out! I will probably buy the clinique eye cream and then ask for a sample of the face wash just to make sure it doesnt break me out or react badliy to my skin.


Apparently, the aveeno moisturizer I was using was what was breaking me out, I thought it was stress from too much school work but when I stopped using the avenno moisturizer to a clinique cream moisturizer for a heavier one because of the winter, my breakouts stopped, so now I am being more cautious about what products I use.

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