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Post in Combination Skin

Small acne on eyelids?

I’m getting red bumps in my lids. Towards my brow as well as my lower lash line. It started looking like a stye (sp?) and it’s gotten better just but not using anything there. Eye cream and all. They are gone from my lower lash line but are still on my lids. My lids do get really oily and I’ve used toner to remove excess but they aren’t going away. They do feel like acne. I even stopped wearing glasses. Anyone have a similar experience aka struggle or have any ideas to fix this. It’s not the biggest deal but when I wear eyeshadow it just makes it look really dry and I avoid it thanks!!!

Re: Small acne on eyelids?

@meowmix12 Best to see the eye doctor and dermatologist. I wouldn't chance it by trying to fix yourself nor assume it's acne, since it's close to the eye. Could be an allergen causing a rash or stye. Also make a list of every product used near the eyes, and when you first started seeing the redness, after what product(s).

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