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Skincare routines for 20-somethings?

Hello Beautifuls!

I'm a 22 year old senior in college only starting to take care of her skin. I've been relatively lucky in the sense that I only horribly broke out when I was 13 -- my dad subsequently made my pediatrician prescribe me some acne lotion which worked wonders. Currently, I only really break out during my time of the month, and that too, is 2-3 really noticeable pimples. However, I do have blackheads.


As a part of my new year's resolution to have "clear, radiant skin" by 2015, I've started to research skincare regimes. I'm not mentioning any brands -- but this is what I came across on the internet for someone of my age.


  • Daily Facial Cleanser (twice a day, once in the morning, once at night)
  • Exfoliating Scrub (twice a day, once in the morning, once at night)
  • Facial Mask (2-3 times a week)
  • Alcohol Free Skin Toner (I use this twice a day because I notice a lot of gunk gets left over -- specifically the beads from exfoliaters)
  • Moisturizer with SPF

However, I'm wondering about the following. Eye Cream, Anti-aging cream, and well as night cream. I don't really get dark circles under my eyes but several of my friends have told me it takes around 10 years for these aging products to work. However, I'm kind of hesitant because my mom has never used these products (she's in her late 40s) and always gets complimented about how young she looks. I don't see what the purpose of night cream is as well.

Re: Skincare routines for 20-somethings?

About night creams: they're a thicker moisturizer, basically, because they've got all night to sink in.  They also tend to come with a vast array of treatment options and ingredients for you to choose from -- the thought being, since it's got eight or so hours to do its magic, one may as well add some fancy ingredients to increase the benefit to your skin.  That makes night creams a convenient product to use if you're trying to address a particular skincare woe.  I have a rather dry skin type, so a heavy night cream is what keeps my face looking normal for the rest of the day.  If you have an oily skin type, you could probably just use your day moisturizer as a night cream.  It's a very customizable part of one's skincare routine.

Re: Skincare routines for 20-somethings?

The absolute best thing you can do to prevent your skin from aging is to wear a high spf, high ppd sunscreen every day.  Focus mostly on your face, next and hands, and use a more generic ss elsewhere.  PPD is like SPF but for UVA rays.  UVA rays are those that cause the most aging damage so finding a high ppd ss is very important.  Chemical sunscreens have higher ppds than physical ss but they're also more irritating to some people, so you might need to try a couple.  I like Bioderma's formulas for chemical ss or replenix and skinceuticals for physical ss.  (I order these on amazon since, unfortunately Sephora doesn't carry them.)


I second everyone elses advise re:scrubs.  Scrubs are totally useless and, in some cases, damaging to both the epidermal layer and to capillaries.  If your goal is exfoliation, stick to chemical exfoliants (lactic or glycolic acid in a serum or toner form) as they're more gentle and more effective. If you're goal is to kill some blackheads (I'm so with you) first check and make sure that what you're seeing are not sebaceous filaments (google for info and pics). If they are, then your out of luck, because we're all stuck with those.  If you think you really have blackheads, I definitely have some that are raised and rough/bumpy to the touch and fit the description, then anything salicylic acid-based will be more effective.  It's likely the scrub you're using has some SA in it, but it's much more effective to use it in a toner or gel form, because you don't want it to be washed off.  (This goes for all actves -- vitamin c, acids, etc.)


I would definitely start the ss first, especially because the other products can cause extra sun sensitivity, but after that you could consider adding a retinolol related product to your regime.  There are some over the counter ones in weak form, or you could talk to a dermatologist, depending on your situation.  Avene makes a good eye cream with a retinol-derivative that you could look into.  


Good luck!

Re: Skincare routines for 20-somethings?

Well I'm Indian, and we're genetically predisposed to naturally protect ourselves against UVA rays. I was always told to buy something with a UVB protection as well.

Re: Skincare routines for 20-somethings?

I'm in my 20s and here is my skincare routine (I have combination skin that can be dry during winters):



1. Facial Cleanser

2. Toner

3. Serum

4. Eye Cream/Gel

5. Lotion



1. Eye Makeup Removal

2. Regular Makeup Removal

3. Exfoliator Twice a Week/Facial Cleanser Other Days

4. Mask (Depends on my mood, normally 3 times a week and not on the same day as exfoliator unless it's something hydrating and gel based)

5. Same as 2-5 for Morning



Makeup removal is really important, sometimes I use an makeup remover that's oil based, and then I definitely use a facial cleanser or it can be too much.


I use serums because I have acne scars from a bad breakout this summer =(

I blame the pollution in Beijing...

All my serums are either hydrating or lightening.


Eye gel/cream is a must. College is sooo hard on your eyes. I'm constantly in front of a laptop. Gels are typically lighter than the creams, I like to use gels during the day and creams during the night.


I switch between creams/lotions depending on how dry my skin is. I like to use more hydrating ones at night and lighter ones in the morning. I almost always wear a tinted moisturizer in the morning with an SPF 20, so a day cream with SPF is not a must for me. You should always apply a product in your skincare/makeup that contains at least SPF 15 (I would say 20). If you are going to be out in the sun or if it's snowy I would wear higher SPF.



Re: Skincare routines for 20-somethings?

Please don't use a scrub twice a day... Let alone daily. That's too harsh on your skin. Once or twice a week is reasonable. Invest in a clarisonic if you want exfoliation that will be gentle for the skin.

Re: Skincare routines for 20-somethings?

1. I have never seen any article/place that recommend exfoliating twice a day (except for Clarasonics). Usually the products/brands/ppl will say to exfoliate 2-3 times a week, or once a day for gentle ones.

2. If you can't rinse off the exfoliator and have to resort to using toner to take it off, it's time to find a better one.

3. While some experts say you should use anti-aging stuff as early as possible, your skin is still changing as you get out of your teenage years and your skin don't really need or won't absorb some of the active ingredients so you won't get your money's worth out of it. The ones for environmental stress, anti-oxidants or prevent early signs of aging or fine, but you don't need serious anti-agers right now, there are plenty of good ones <$50.


You should start incorporating an eye cream, Origins have some great ones. Night cream contain active ingredients that break down in sunlight, thus they are best used at night. Moisturizer with SPF are important for day but may block your pores at night, so they are best used during the day. And moisturizer, or day cream, just means it can be use night or day (with a layer of SPF on top).


Cleanser, exfoliator, mask, toner, moisturizer with SPF, eye cream and non-SPF moisturizer for night use. Introduce new products one at a time and try it for a week before the next one. Think that's all.


"it takes around 10 years for these aging products to work" --- LOL. Ok, wait....what? It's true that prevention is better than fixing the problem but....10 years? 10 years......I don't know what to say to that, lol.

Re: Skincare routines for 20-somethings?

i think the best thing you can do for your skin is sunblock. also stay away from smoking or being around smoke. also stay hydrated and don't pull at your skin or wrinkle up your face too much (poor man's botox!). ie, if you go outside on a sunny day, wear sunglasses both to protect your eye area from the sun (do not neglect sunblock though) as well as to prevent yourself from squinting all the time.


as for an exfoliating scrub, twice a day sounds like a lot to me. i guess it depends on how sensitive your skin is. sometimes too much exfoliation can be irritating.


i think the purpose of night cream is to moisturize. also, you don't need spf at night, so you might want a different cream at night than in the morning. some ingredients, like retinol, are more often included in night creams/serums than day creams so you'll find different options in the different categories.


i personally have not found anything that helps dark circles except plenty of sleep and a good concealer/corrector.

Re: Skincare routines for 20-somethings?

I haven't been seeing any negative effects from exfoliating, lol. However, the scrub I do use is specifically used to target my blackheads -- which is why I use it twice.

Re: Skincare routines for 20-somethings?

Have you tried Ole's Truth is in the Eyes? I've been using it, and it's been the only thing besides Genefique Eye Cream from Lancome that has helped lessen my dark circles.

Re: Skincare routines for 20-somethings?

i haven't tried either - which do you like better?

Re: Skincare routines for 20-somethings?

The Ole since it's less expensive and cruelty free, but Lancome would be better if you have dry skin, since Lancome is a cream and more moisturizing, and Ole's is a peel and liquidy. I think you can use the Ole under an eye cream though, if you need more moisture. 

Re: Skincare routines for 20-somethings?

thanks! i do have dry skin and if i'm not mistaken i might actually have a sample of this lying around somewhere. if not, i'll just pick up one from sephora to try it out. luckily (or unluckily) for me, i live across the street from one!

Re: Skincare routines for 20-somethings?

That seems like too much exfoliation. I use my Clarisonic daily, but only use an exfoliating scrub once a week.


It doesn't take 10 years for anti-aging products to work, lol. I think usually you see results in 4-6 weeks. Anti-aging products can also be used preventatively. Genetics can be hit or miss, so I would always gamble in favor of taking care of skin, especially SPF. 


Definitely add an eye cream, the skin around the eye is the thinnest, and aging shows up first and worst there. Eye creams are targeted to many different problems or can just be a daily cream, so you don't have to have one for dark circles exclusively. 


Night cream has many different purposes, depending on what night cream you use. I'm in my 20s, and I use Korres Wild Rose Facial Mask (really a night moisturizer) because it makes my skin bright and even.


You don't have to get a separate anti-aging cream to use instead of your moisturizer or on top of your moisturizer.

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