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Skin care recommendation for large pores and anti against concerns.

I am looking for a skin care routine that can get rid of my black heads, enlarged pores, and few wrinkles. The wrinkles are more just expression lines and not bad. I just want to prevent them from worsening. I do occasional get a pimple or two also. Please help I'm also getting married in October and want to have my skin looking its best. 

Re: Skin care recommendation for large pores and anti against concerns.

I would suggest going with the REN Resurfacing AHA concentrate and that line of products in paticular. Please be sure to read the directions because Alpha hydroxy acid can make skin very sensitive. Hope this helps!

Re: Skin care recommendation for large pores and anti against concerns.

Do you have any recommendations for retinol and BHA product? 

Re: Skin care recommendation for large pores and anti against concerns.

Try looking into the brand Peter Thomas Roth, there's a BHA wash as well as one combined with glycolic acid/alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), plus a few retinol based treatments.


I just posted this below bit in another thread asking about lines that you may find helpful in terms of picking products with active ingredients.


Retinol, a powerful anti-aging hitter because it address all signs of aging, be it the loss of firmness, elasticity, sagging skin. age spots, sun spots, fine lines, wrinkles, you name it. Retinol works by not just helping to shed topical layers of dead skin that can liner and emphasize issues like lines, wrinkles, and a decrease in volume, but also by promoting new and healthier skin cell regeneration so newer, firmer skin is raised to the surface. The rapid increase in exfoliation can make skin quite sensitized because it is a potent ingredient, start off with introducing a retinol based product into your nightly regimen once every third night until you've used it for a span of 7 days, gauge how your skin reacts (normally some redness or tenderness can occur), if your skin tolerates the ingredient and no ill effects occur, move on to using it every other night, then gradually to nightly use. If you use a retinol in the day time, follow it up with a SPF of at least 20, better 30. The rapid form of exfoliation and cellular regeneration can make skin vulnerable and delicate to light and UV damage, so be sure to protect the new skin you're investing in.
Retinol can be found in more gentle forms such as retinoids (Philosophy's Miracle Worker line), time release/encapsulated molecules (Murad), and also referred inmore mild forms as retinyl palmitate or vitamin A, these are generally found in creams, lotions, and even into primers and foundations.


Another ingredient to look for is peptides. There are a slew of peptides offered in the skin care market and what they basically do is absorb into areas where collagen and elastin is damaged or lacking, and the molecule of the peptide fills in those gaps, plumping and swelling to increase volume in the skin where density is or was lacking so skin is boosted and more supple. Peptides work long term and instanteously, so normally withing 2-15 minutes of application you can see lines/wrinkles softening, and skin looking firmer.


Another ingredient that helps by naturally boosting the body's own ability to kick start the production of collagen reproduction again is vitamin C. Not only does vitamin C fight against free radical and oxidative damage (UV rays and pollutants) that can wear at the sign and cause the break down of healthy cell faster, it also helps with evening skin tone and improving clarity. Vitamin C forms a shield over the skin to block out pollutants and chemical factors that speed up the aging process, though it is an ingredient that takes a bit longer to work because it's quite hard to stabalize the formula, vitamin C is best applied through serums or boosters and best kept in dark, airtight jars or containers rather than open bottles since oxygen and light break it down quicker. The normal potency for a vitamin C product is about 3-4 months tops.


Lastly, look for humectants. Humectants are ingredients that bind healthy moisture to skin, and as a rule of thumb across the board in the skin care world, properly hydrated skin shows issues less. Humectants draw the right kind of moisture to the skin and infuse it to areas we need it most. Sodium hyaluronate or hyaluronic acids are common names you'll see.


You may look into Murad's Time Release Retinol Treatment (more gentle, time released retinol paired with peptides) and Ole Heriksen's Truth Serum (vitamin C rich and boosted with humectants).


I will add that since retinol is quite a heavy hitter, try to start slow first, using the Ole serum rather than jumping head first into a deeper anti-aging treatment. It's always better to start slow than to be too hasty and end up with more issues than you started with

Re: Skin care recommendation for large pores and anti against concerns.

Look into Coral Actives. It's done wonders for my skin, which sounds like it has similiar issues to yours.

Re: Skin care recommendation for large pores and anti against concerns.

Totally recommend investing in the Clarisonic!
I've had mine for a few yrs now & it is the best investment I ever made.
Noticeably smoothes out your skin, cleans it like you can't believe & helps with pore size.
Once you get hooked, you'll never take off your make-up without it.

Re: Skin care recommendation for large pores and anti against concerns.

I'd look into getting a Clarisonic as a basic cleaning tool.. and a BHA product to dissolve blackheads and keep skin exfoliated.  Also, a retinol serum or lotion for your expression lines and any skin damage.

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