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Should I get a clarisonic? Which is best?

I've been eyeing the clarisonic all year, and I decided that its high time I decide whether or not I should make the splurge.


1) What is the point of a clarisonic?

2)is it worth the $

3) Which model would you recommend?


Thanks for your help, everyone!

Re: Should I get a clarisonic? Which is best?


Re: Should I get a clarisonic? Which is best?

I have the Mia 2 and I'm decently happy with it. I was really hoping for more help with the blackheads in my t-zone. I use the deep pore brush, and I can tell I'm getting my skin clean, but the main thing I love about it is that it really helps product absorb better. I bought it during a sale and I like it, but I should've splurged for the plus because the body brush is a feature I would use. All in all, I think I got just as good of a clean with Sephora's two sided face brush, but now that I have it, I definitely use it everyday...

Re: Should I get a clarisonic? Which is best?

Thanks for your help!!!

I think I'll take the plunge then next time there's a sale Smiley Happy

Re: Should I get a clarisonic? Which is best?

1) The point is to get your skin really clean. It works better than just washing with your hands and definitely better than the drugstore/discount store type of rotary skin brushes. I tried those and they were a waste of money.


2) For me, it is. I used to get a lot more blemishes before I got my Clarisonic, now I haven't had much of any in a long while. Some other people haven't had as great success, I think it's pretty much individual. 


3) Which model to choose depends on whether you want to travel with it and if you would actually use the body brush feature in the Plus model. I work outside a lot, so sunscreen really builds up on my skin unless I work hard to get it off. The Clarisonic body brush gets off all the layers of sunscreen plus any dirt trapped in it. Plus it feels great, like a massage! I don't take my Clarisonic on airline flights, and if I'm going by car, I can take as much luggage as I want, so I just tuck it in. If you wanted to take yours traveling and weight is a problem, then get the Mia. If you know you aren't interested in the body brush, then by all means get the Mia, save yourself some money. 


Like Carolang, I got mine at the VIB sale, I didn't think it was a necessity that I had to pay full price for.

Re: Should I get a clarisonic? Which is best?

A clarisonic is used to thoroughly clean your face.  I use mine 2 times a day and my skin always feels really clean and smotth afterwards.  IT reall does remove all of the dirt on your face!


I really love mine and would repurchase it in a heart beat if mine broke or was lost.  It has really made a very positive difference in my overall skin health and appearance.


I have the Clarisonic Mia ( I think tis is the least expensive model) and I am very happy with it.  I think the othe rmodels have some fancy features that are nice to have, but definetely not necessary. 


Hope this helps!

Re: Should I get a clarisonic? Which is best?

1) Gentle exfoliation but doesn't necessarily replace a physical exfoliator... nice little face massage too Smiley Happy

2) yes and no - I find it too much for daily use; I use it 2x week - I would wait for the VIB fall sale. I will say its really helped clear up my chin, I'd get 1 or 2 whiteheads a week that would always end up as a dark mark, but now I am not getting them anymore. Since I use retin A etc etc I don't use this too often since my skin is a little bit sensitive. Others use it more frequently. Just keep a nice light touch over the face, no need to push down hard. As a note I will say some people experienced the clarisonic giving them broken capillaries.. so be careful. This didn't do anything WRT my black heads. But did help a lot with my face not getting clogged/forming white heads. If your skin is pretty good you might be fine without the clarisonic. I started with the $5 face brush that sephora sells first!

3) Regular mia is fine - it has one speed and stops after a minute - I don't need multiple speeds. Comes with a sensitive brush head (this one is great - I think its the best one to own).

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