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Post in Combination Skin

Searching through threads...

Ok, so I have spent the past 30 minutes trying to find a post where someone talks about a favorite skincare item. I read it recently and wrote down the product they raved about & I cannot the piece of paper anywhere!


They tried something else that cost $150 (i think that is what they said) but they shouldnt have because they really love this other product that cost about 1/2 the price.  


Does anyone remember reading this, and if so, can you please direct me to the thread?  


Thank you X's 100

Re: Searching through threads...

I don't know for sure but it sounds like SkinCeuticals  Ferulic Serum . Was that it?

Re: Searching through threads...

i cant remember!  I feel like such a goon. I know it was a relatively recent post (past 2 days)...


I just searched SkinCeuticals Ferulic Serum and the thread didnt come up Smiley Sad


It feels like when you have something on the tip of your tongue and just cant think of it... it drives me crazy!

Re: Searching through threads...

Could it be under serums or favorite serums?


Re: Searching through threads...

i just checked skin care and couldnt find it. Thanks for helping me beautylovingirl. I have become desperate- Im searching numbers ($170) ($150) that I thought the person included in their post. LOL

Re: Searching through threads...

Re: Searching through threads...

thanks dannyc - i didnt see it in there. Although I do have the
Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Ferulic + Retinol Triple Correction Eye Serum on my shopping list after chatting with beautylovingirl about some good products Smiley Happy

Re: Searching through threads...

i think i may have to stop for tonight. I browsed through a lot of posts. (sulks to bed)

Re: Searching through threads...

I don't know offhand what thread you're referring to, but could it have been about the Algenist overnight moisturizer?  It's pricey, but less than you mentioned at $90.  I believe Lylysa recommended trying Murad's moisturizer that costs somewhere in the vicinity of $50.


I'll take a scan through old threads, but any chance I happened to get it right?

Re: Searching through threads...

thanks emmaclaire Smiley Happy 

Re: Searching through threads...

I just noticed in the "products you regret buying" thread someone said they bought a $150 face cream and don't like it as much as their $40 one.  They don't mention the name of the $40 but it's a recent thread, if that's what you were thinking of I'm sure you could ask!

Re: Searching through threads...

is it this one?


also mentioned here:


i find Google much better than bt for searching, just do 'beauty talk ____'

Re: Searching through threads...

I do remember reading that thread.


She mentiones getting Caudile the premium cru cream($150), but doesn't name the item for ($40).  If i happen to see it i'll post it here. Smiley Happy



Re: Searching through threads...

thank you!

Re: Searching through threads...

Sorry... my computer is being very weird, so I had to copy and paste the thread.  If this is the thread (Products you regret worth buying), the user is 'sephoramusthave' - I'm sure you can reach out to her to find out which item was $40.


Re: Products you regret buying?

sephoramusthave/HALL OF FAMER/ 15h ago

Caudalie Premier Cru La Crème. Its $150 bucks without tax, and I didn't like it nearly as much as my HG $40 cream.


I hope this helps!

Re: Searching through threads...

That was going to be my suggestion as well, because I remember reading that thread over the past few days.

Re: Searching through threads...

this made my morning! Thank you! I spent over an hour last night looking.  


I wrote down Caudile Premier La Creme and totally lost the paper. Not that much of a bummer because that wasnt even sephoramusthave's HG!!!


I oftentimes skim the pages and then write down or add items to my sephora shopping list. that way I can research them online more and see if it could be a fit for my skin type.  Next step... get a sample (if possible). If i like it - go and lay down the big bucks! If enough people rave about it and I cant get a sample... i will sometimes get it and give it a blind try. Smiley Happy

Re: Searching through threads...

thank you all who have helped in the hunt! 

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