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Products For Clear Skin

I have my graduation in about a month and my goal is to have clear skin. I have a pretty good skin care routine that I do everyday at night:

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser (for normal to oily skin)
Simple Oil Free Light Moisturizer SPF 15 Or Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer Gel (it just depends On which one is closer to me when I wash my face)
Clearsil Ultra 2% Salicylic Acne Spot Treatment
Clean and Clear Toner (I forget the exact name)

And sometimes I will use DermaE Glycolic Cleanser with vitamin a its a refining cleaners I use it once of twice a week.

In the morning if I feel like my skin is a little oily from sleeping I use Clean and Clear Morning Burst Fruit Infusion Hydratint Cleanser and the Simple SPF 15 Moisturizer.

It's a pretty basic routine and once a week I use a papaya enzyme mask from the brand Alba.

I am really looking for something else to incorporate into my routine to clear up my skin, or if you think I should be changing some products and usin other please give me your suggestions! I really want clear skin and I've been stuck with blemishes on my chin for the past few months that are really stubborn and won't go away! I should also mention my skN is combination.


Re: Products For Clear Skin

I'd use a salicylic acid product over entire face once daily as it will keep your pores unclogged and, therefore, free from becoming blemishes.  Make sure your moisturizer and foundation are oil-free, and use clean fingers ONLY to apply your foundation.  If you can, give your skin a break from makeup here & there.  Take a day off every so often so it can relax and breathe.  that should do it!  Congrats!

Re: Products For Clear Skin

Do you suggest that I use the acne spot treatment with salicylic acid all over my face or buy a seperate product designed to apply all over my face? 

Re: Products For Clear Skin

You NEED to go purchase the mario badescu drying lotion. It is a spot treatment. You get a q tip and stick it all the way to the bottom of the bottle, then dab it on your blemish. Do not blend it in! Just leave it there. It will dry and just go to bed. When you wake up, wash it off, and your acne will be dried up. Keep doing it and it should go away Smiley Happy I seriously will never use another spot treatment again because it works SO well. Hope this helps! Happy graduation!

Re: Products For Clear Skin

I noticed that at night you use a spot treatment and toner, while in the morning you don't. You should try incorporating an all-over acne treatment, like from Philosophy or my personal favorite--the acne serum from Dermadoctor. If you have blemishes on your chin, it may be a hormonal problem, so be sure to talk to a dermatologist if you have the time. If you don't, Dermadoctor makes a great cleanser you can look into called the Ain't Misbehavin' AHA/BHA Cleanser. I hope this helps and good luck!

Re: Products For Clear Skin

Is the AHA/BHA cleanser one that I can use everyday? Or should I use it once a week or so?

Re: Products For Clear Skin

I'll also recommend a very light exfoliator- something like Clinique 7-day scrub cream, which you can use in the shower (for example).  That will help your skin look brighter.


I second the recommendation for benzoyl peroxide.  Just be sure to step up your night cream to rehydrate.

Re: Products For Clear Skin

yes! rehydrating is important! I use my benzoyl peroxide at night 4-5 times a week and in the morning I use something else (I also dont use it every night). 

Re: Products For Clear Skin

something with 2.5% benzoyl peroxide has worked well for me- I use proactive treatment.  But I was watching Annie Jaffrey on you tube and she was talking about skin care has options for benzoyl peroxide. It is drying, but if you use it and alternate with other products, it shouldnt be too bad.

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