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Normal skin and acne

I'm 20 years old and I've delt with hormonal acne since forever. I have normal skin and I only seem to break out on or around my peroid and the breakouts last for weeks, and since I have fair skin, the pigments and scaring last even longer. I've been using philosphy for a while now and hasn't cleared my skin but its made it at least managible. I would still like to find somthing that could finally get rid of my breakouts and allow my skin to heal. I've also tried clinique, maud, loral, nutrogena, clean and clear, you name it. Acne products seem to be too harsh for my skin and the anything made for dry skin or combination skin is too heavy. If anyone has any suggestions let me know. 

Re: Normal skin and acne

You might want to try a lightening/brightening serum or treatment on the post acne marks to help them fade.


Ole Heriksen's Truth Serum is a very gentle and controlled dosage of vitamin C which helps to brighten and even skin tone but also protect against oxidative damage, which will help prevent the spots from darkening anymore.


I use this on my post acne marks and notice them looking lighter within 2 weeks.


If you want something more intensive but doesn't use ingredients that make your skin light sensitive/UV sensitive (hydroquinone), try Ole's Enlighten Me serum. It uses a higher dosage of vitamin C along with botanical based ingredients to brighten. This is more geared toward hyperpigmentation or areas already suffering or more prone to discoloration.


I believe there are mini sets that have the products in them, the Truth set with a mini serum and cream, and the Enlighten Me set with a mini serum, face scrub/mask, and cream.

Re: Normal skin and acne

I've had a similar problem, and tried just about every product under the sun until I found the Body Shop's tea tree line (used in conjunction with my Mia).  It hasn't completely stopped the breakouts, but it's one or two blemishes now, as opposed to my entire chin/jawline being dotted.  The tea tree oil is a great spot treatment - $9 for a bottle, and while it seems tiny, you don't need much, so it lasts a while.

Re: Normal skin and acne

I'm 20 as well and in the same boat. My skin is pale and too sensative for most acne products, so whenever I try something new, I have a pretty bad skin reaction or it just doesn't work. I haven't even found the right acne regiment for myself so I won't be much help in suggesting a cure all acne product, but in the meantime, you might want to try Benefit Cosmetics Boo Boo Zap. It doesn't completely clear up acne, but it helps reduce it and combat flare ups. This might work better for you since you have hormonal acne, not severe acne like I do. Its only 16 bucks as well. Good luck on finding the right acne regiment!

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