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Post in Combination Skin

Needs some good acne solutions..

Hi, Im having some facial issues, I use to have such clear skin and it seems after the years that fact has gone down the hill.. I have a lot of blackheads around the nose, chin and now above the lip area Smiley Indifferent I have used Philosophy, but I feel like the Hope in a jar for all skin types is very greasy, I'm fine in the AM as soon as 11am rolls around, I have a greasy face, I feel as if I should walk around with my facial wash.. Could anyone recommend a good blackhead eliminator, and a face wash regimen for a dry t-zone after the wash but oily after the moisturizer.. Smiley Sad

Hi!  I'm using DDF's Glycolic Exfoliating Facewash 5%.  It works really really well by gently exfoliating dead skin on the surface.  I noticed it's helped blackheads on my nose and keeps the pores on my cheeks from becoming enlarged.  It is a little strong so I recommend using it every other day in the evenings like I do.  It does sting a little bit when you first apply it to your face, so I'm not sure if you'd like that.. especially if you have open scratches or pimples.  I also use Philosphy's Purity in between with my Clarisonic and thats helped a lot too. 


I recently switched to Kate Somerville's Oil Free Moisturizer and I really like it!  It's not heavy and does a really good job moisturizing my combination skin plus isn't got anitaging properties which is helpful since I'm in my late 20's now.  I used it everyday under makeup and it almost feels like a primer.  The new moisturizer combined with the facewash has helped clear my pores.


I just order Kate Somervilles Purifying Exfoliating Cleanser, so I hope that works even better!


Good luck!


Hi Vannie, Im new to this whole skin stuff, could you let me know what DDF stands for is that the Derma Doctor stuff?

Hi there. Since you are having "breakthrough" o...

Hi there. Since you are having "breakthrough" oil in the early morning you need to use something that will keep that from happening.


I would start with a gentle oil free wash (look for one with a little bit of glycolic but buffered with allotoin or aloe). Skip harsh toners as they seem to help at first but can be overdrying and that can lead to your skin actually producing MORE oil in the long run believe it or not.  In place of toner I swear by Laura Mercier's PERFECTING WATER which has aloe, green tea in it and is cooling to the skin. It balance the skin out and really keeps it from "freaking out". Then if your skin is congested I would use somethign with vitamin C or oxygen to decongest and clarify. Finish with an oil free SPF.


The most important step to prevent the oil is to top with an oil controlling PRIMER. Even if you ARENT going to wear makeup thse primers are made to keep you matte all day long and stop oil before it starts. My favorite is Laura Mercier LIQUID MINERAL primer. This also has antibacterial agents such as silver that keep you from breaking out! GOOD LUCK!

This product from DermaDoctor is made to target blackhead...

This product from DermaDoctor is made to target blackheads and clogged pores.....


I think the moisturizer you are using is good, but too rich for now. Maybe as the weather gets cooler, use it as a night treatment, instead of during the day.


Clean Scene, has one that balances skin, adding moisture, with a matte finish, and no oil, or fear of breakouts.........



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