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Need skin care recs

My skin is weird lately.  Some breakouts, weird texture, dull, dark spots.  I want skin that's pretty enough that I don't feel the need for much make up. 


Anyone have a line you love?  or have suggestions?



Re: Need skin care recs

In addition to DDG Aplha Beta pads, I use the clarisonic Aria.  For the cost of two tubes of high end product thos has been well worth it.  Smoother, brighter, more even skin.   Smaller pores, better texture.

Re: Need skin care recs

To be really honest, I think in situations like that, less is more. Stick with your basic cleanse, tone and moisturize. Of course, this means that you should get a cleanser that's suitable for your skin, that's gentle and will get rid of all your makeup properly as well. I'd recommend that you get an exfoliating toner like the Clarins Bright Plus HP Gentle Renewing Peel and follow that up with a more moisturizing spray like the Mario Badescu Rose Water Toner. As for serums, if you want to target your dull or dark spots, I think a fantastic place to start would be the Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum. Follow that with a good moisturizer and you're set! Don't forget your SPF either because that's actually the most important thing when you want to fade dark spots/acne scars. upload_1839567361090227411.jpg

Re: Need skin care recs

I know this sounds silly but Proactive works. I just use their night cream which controls acne and it works. Then for night and day cream i use ole henricksen. It really helps with moisturizing your skin and brightening it from the inside out. Smiley Happy

Re: Need skin care recs

Clinique dark spot corrector


Texture try an exfoliate - Origins Modern Friction

Korres Wild Rose line for brightening - contains Vitamin C which is good for dark spots too, they have a exfoliate also, will also help with acne - HSN sells more of this line than Sephora - sephora also has a few things in store that are not online


Note: Clinique does have an 3step system but have found it made skin worse and have contacted them asking if for sensitive skin - they could not give an answer - stopped using it and skin was much better

Re: Need skin care recs

Yes DDG alpha betas! 

Re: Need skin care recs

For breakouts, texture issues, and dark spots, I definitely recc the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta peel pads (extra strength).  They will tackle all the issues that you mentioned.

Re: Need skin care recs

1136513_fpx.jpgClinique has a great skin friendly line which can be customized depending to how oily/dry your skin is. It used to be part of routine for 2 years until I moved to a city where the weather was less harsh on my skin. 

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