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Post in Combination Skin

Makeup separation on nose

I have a full skincare routine and I have started using fenty primer and foundation on my skin. I have combination skin and the minute I apply to the nose it looks patchy and separating. I barely rub my nose and it all comes off. Is it bad primer or bad foundation? Advice on how to fix?

RE: Makeup separation on nose

I had this same exact issue! A Sephora employee told me to try setting my nose with my typical setting powder beforehand (before applying the foundation). Although, I never tried it myself as I gave up on the foundation, it may work for you!

Re: Makeup separation on nose

 Try to match the base of your primer to the base of your foundation. Example, a silicone-based primer with a silicone-based foundation. Another tip I learned was when you add primer to your face, skip your nose and add concealer instead as a base to your nose and in the areas around it.

RE: Makeup separation on nose

If you’re noticing your nose just isn’t gripping onto makeup even as you’re fresh applying it, it could be built up sebum on your nose. Super common especially for combo skin that the oil production on the nose builds up to where your normal face wash products just can’t break it up. Exfoliating properly is key. The Purity Made Simple Pore Extractor Exfoliating Clay Mask from Philosophy (Name isn’t long enough) is amazing for breaking down and eliminating any excess or built up sebum on the nose area. If you’re still struggling to find a primer that helps you out give the mask a try. Smiley Happy

RE: Makeup separation on nose

Try to use the foundation with a primer you know and trust. I have never tried the primer, but I love the foundation.

Re: Makeup separation on nose

@zakm it could be the primer or the foundation. I would try a different primer and see if it still happens. 

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