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How to get Glowing Skin!

I just finished the latest allure magazine and they have this whole section about skin systems to get 'glowing skin' and suggest a glycolic/salicylic cleanser, serum, hyaluronic moiturizer, retinol cream and clinical peels for at home.


They listed these:


Skin Effects by Dr Keffrey Dover glycolic cream

Garnier Skin Renew Clinical Dark Spot Corrector serum

Philosophy Microdelivery MIni Peel Pads

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting cream

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle repaire moisturizer

Eau Thermale Avene Soothing Moisture Mask


and Koh Gen Do Makeup Color Base in lavender pink, Lorac Oil Free Luminizer or Makeup Forever Uplight Face Luminizer Gel followed by Shiseido translucent powder


Has anyone tried any of these/which ones do i ACTUALLY need? (more about skin... i have way too much makeup already)

Youhave gotten some really good advice here. I have to Te...

Youhave gotten some really good advice here. I have to Telly you there are a couple of things I echo, Ole Henriksen and Philosophy. I think if you choose one of these product ones you would be off to a great start! These lines are fairly easy to navigate to put together a good regiment. I use to use Ole and I used it to whip my skin into shape. Then after a couple of samples of Purity Mase Simple a some other good Philosophy products, I switched to the Philosophy. I have found for my skin, the topical vitamin C in either of the serums has absolutely done wonders for my skin.

I have just recently discovered the White Lucent line by Shisideo. But I have just started to slowly add some these to my routine, so the jury is still out. However they do have a 3 step basic system that I believe runs $48 for all 3 steps.

Don't discount the properly applied make-up. I LOVE Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl.

Best of luck! Let us know if you find any great secrets or tips make sure to let us know Smiley Wink

I am absolutely a make-up and skin care junkie. That bein...

I am absolutely a make-up and skin care junkie. That being said, I think Allure's list is a bit over the top. A great line for a long-term solution is Shisedo's White Lucent and the 3 step kit for $49.50 is great. Make-up for glowing skin, I just discovered a new way for myself. I use Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl AND Benefit's Watt's Up. I mix them together on the back of my hand and then uses my fingers to dap it along my cheekbones and anywhere your face would typically get "sunkissed". Make sure to blend well and a few sprays of Urban Decay's All Nighter and you'll have the perfect glow all night!

Hi Sophiebean,  - it looks like you're new so first of al...

Hi Sophiebean,  - it looks like you're new so first of all, Welcome!! For starters, can I ask how old you are? It would be good to know more about your skin, all of your actual issues so that I - we  can really point you in the right direction, I'll give you some info for starters.


I haven't tried any of the products listed. The closest I've come is Philosophy Microdelivery Daily Exfoliating Face Wash, Love it! I also use Philosophy Purity Made Simple cleanser which I use with my Clarisonic Mia. I have a variety of issues, some of which are changing, so I am trying out some new things. I dabble with other brands/products but always seem to come back to Philosophy. I don't feel the need to only use one brand, I'm all for picking and choosing from different brands as long as the ingredients are not going to cause a problematic mix. I use Philosophy The Oxygen Peel, (it's not a peel like a glycolic or harsh chemical, which I love about it, It's more of a manual peel) if you'd like more info/tips on this, let me know. I think this is one of the BEST products on the market. I generally follow up with Philosophy Hope in a Bottle (to keep acne issues at bay) and of course and eye cream. I need to start paying more attention to my neck. though. I dont want to knock other brands like Olay and some of the others, they can be great.


I don't like to try more than 1-2 new products at a time, if your skin ends up looking amazing, which product/products is/are actually doing it?? Do you really need them all to get that desired effect? Likewise, if you have a reaction of some sort, what are you reacting to? So that's me, a toe in the water kinda gal. Whatever you do I'd start slowly. Retinols, Glycolics and the like can be great, when used/started carefully. I don't think you should go out and buy all of these products at once.


One big thing I see missing is a product with SPF. I'm currently using Eucerin Redness Relief Daily Moist with SPF. YOU NEED SOME SPF BIG-TIME. Trust me. If you start using a product like Bare Minerals/Escentuals you can get it with SPF so you don't need to use additional SPF, unless you're in the sun a lot or have certain skin issues, then  you might want an SPF before.


If I was telling you to start somewhere this would be my list..(keep in mind I don't know your exact skincare issues yet, so this may change a bit.


1- Good Cleanser - my pick, obviously Phil Purity Made Simple

2- Good Exfoliator - Phil. Micro-Deliv Ex Wash - or the Phil. Micro-Deliv Mini Peel Pads (haven't tried yet, just got a sample, but have a feeling I'll like it) Alternate one in the am the other pm

3- Add'l - Slightly Deeper Exfoliating - Phil Oxygen Peel - let me know, have some good tips to help make this more beneficial

4- A Good Moisturizer with SPF for day (unless you try BE -above- )

5- A Good Night Cream/Product - BE has some night treat - haven't tried - could use Phil Hope Bottle if you like.

**6- Eye Cream, day and night. One with SPF for day would be great, if you used something like BE you might not need Eye Cream with SPF if you get the one with it built it. Then you can use the same cream day & night. Neck cream too.

I would start there.  You can start with just the Cleanser & Exfoliator (day moist/SPF good start now too) see how your skin feels after this for a week or two. Then Add Oxy Peel, Then add night treatment.....etc, I think you kinda get my point. Start Eye cream right away. Also, if you give us an idea of your budget that might help, we can help you decide where to splurge and where to save. Let me know if you need eye care products, I've tried a lot and hope I can help, there's too much to list here without more info.


You can use the color base and luminizer etc. I personally would like to start off with my new skincare and my regular or a very basic cosmetic routine to see if the skincare treatments are helping. Whatever makeup you're currently using could end up being your dream makeup once you start to take care of your skin. If you want to change, I'd use something like BE though, it's also good for your skin.


I hope you'll get back to me and give me more info, you can send a Private Message if you don't want the entire world seeing everything. I think/hope I can help, I've been ,and maybe am, where you are.I hate the thought of wasting so much money, I have. Hope this helped and I hope we hear from you really soon. I'm glad I got to give you your first Heart! This is a great group of people, think you'll have fun and learn a lot here. Welcome Smiley Happy


Re: Hi Sophiebean,  - it looks like you're new so first of al...

Hi Sophiebean, I'm gonna send you a quick Private Message, okay? Hope so.

Re: Hi Sophiebean,  - it looks like you're new so first of al...

I've tried OH vitamin C serum and really like it. Most serum feels sticky or stings on my skin, but Vit C is very liquidy and sinks easily into your skin, no stickiness or weird texture to interfer with your moisturizer.

If you get dark circles, try Origin RevitaZing (the orange jar). It's an eye cream with natural ingredients and a bit of tint to help disguise dark circles.

Re: Hi Sophiebean,  - it looks like you're new so first of al...

Thanks so much!

I'm 20 years old, fair-medium skin, I tan easily in the summer. I don't have terrible acne (my sister did, and had to go through acutane and still suffers) but it is by no means clear skin. Generally I get problems around my mouth/chin or jaw line... weird I know. I also get a lot of those annoying small bumps near my ear which is probably from bacteria from my cell.

Budget isnt Really an issue... I seem to be able to justify anything in my head. But nothing outrageous probably from kate somerville lines or perricone)

ive been looking a few up and so far the most popular seem to be:

Anthony Glycolic facial cleanser (yes, i know its for men)
Peter Thomas Roth glycolic 3%
Drdennis all in one cleanser (retinol, glycerin and hyaluronic acid)
Boscia detox black cleanser

Philosophy microdelivery purifying peel, or microdelivery exfoliating wash
Ren polish cleaner

bliss serum (no zit line)
Ole Henrikksen vitamin c serum
first aid beauty serum

I should mention I use the Murad salicylic cleanser, and use neutrogena sensitive skin oil free moisturizer right now with benzagel spot treatment.

Please let me know about eye creams - which do you think? I get dark circles under my eyes when im stressed!

Everyone's skin is different, but the regimen is pretty m...

Everyone's skin is different, but the regimen is pretty much the same (peels, even complexion serum, regenerative cream) so those are just suggestions/examples of some good product.


Basically to get clear skin, you need a good exfoliator, whether it's a scrub or peel; most cleanser will do; then a good serum for a dose of goodies to brighten and even your complexion; then seal the good stuff with a good moisturizer that will help you shed the old/dull skin faster. Older people might want the wrinkle repair cream, while the younger people might not need them (thus the other 2 recommendations). Using peel often leaves your skin drier than usual, which is why they recommended moisture mask.


Everyone have different product that work best for them. I use peels twice a week, serums everynight, and different moisturizer depending on if my skin feel dry or oily. That seems to be a pretty heavy-duty regimen, so I would probably start by incorporating one of those into my existing regimen, see how it is, then switch one by one as needed.

I don't think that ALL these products are neccessary. Glo...

I don't think that ALL these products are neccessary. Glowing skin to me, is HEALTHY skin. Meaning no acne, and an over all even complexion. 


I haven't tried any of the products you mentioned, except for the Garnier Dark Spot Corrector, and it didn't work for me! 


If I was to recommend any products to give your skin a healthy glow, I'd have to say:


#1 Ole Henriksen Truth Serum:


This is a liquid form of vitamin C, and helps promote healthy skin growth and collagen production. For me, it helps to keep my skin even and glowing. This is the only product I've tried that helps to make the skin glow. 


#2 First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads:


These pads are filled with lactic and glycolic acids, which help to leave the skin bright and glowing. Plus, they are paraben free!! 



But, overall I'd say. If your skin is pretty good.. don't try a bunch of products on it. Let your skin be! Radiance comes from heathly skin, so just maintain your skincare routine and you should be fine. But, the product I listed above are good ones to try! 

Re: I don't think that ALL these products are neccessary. Glo...

I agree with Tartey - take care of yourself and you will reap the benefits of glowing skin. Keep the number of products to a minimum. The glycolic acid products are good too. Vitamin C works wonders ( I use a Mary Kay night recover cream that has goodies in it like this) and I notice a difference. Let the products work 4-6 weeks before giving up!

Re: I don't think that ALL these products are neccessary. Glo...

I agree about the Ole Hendriksen Truth Serum. I started using it at night in lieu of a heavy moisturizer and I have been using a bb cream during the day and my skin has been better than it's ever been. For reference, I have pretty dry skin with the occasional blemish but I've been fairly blemish free for awhile now and people have been complimenting me on my skin! At night sometimes I'll wear a NARS illuminator and my skin looks flawless!
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