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Horrible skin

My skin has been acting out lately, I have strange unpopable pimples on my skin (mostly near my nose and t-zone) and I have weird white dots under my eyes. I also have very oily skin in my t-zone and the area left and right to my nose. My current skin routine is just face cleanser, toner, and serum. My mom refuses to go to the dermatologist because "she had the same problem when she was younger and it'll go away" which I'm so sick of hearing. What products or methods should I use?IMG-2087.JPGIMG-2086.jpgIMG-2085.JPGIMG-2084.JPG

Horrible skin

@Candacekim2 First of all, your skin is not horrible, trust me, right now mine looks like I attacked it with a cheese grater. Your skin has just changed and is going through a thing. The usual disclaimers that I'm not a doctor and don't even play one on TV, so this is my unprofessional opinion. From your description and the photos, I think you have what are called closed comedones, which is fancy for blocked pores. You can Google it and look at the pics to compare. If so, it just means that your skin isn't as good as as it used to be at shedding dead cells, and they're getting caught up in balls, but they aren't infected to turn into zits. As far as skin problems go, this is a piece of cake, because they could be balling up way deep in your skin and turning into cystic acne every month, but they're not. Your genes are LUCKY. The skin around the bumps is smooth and gorgeous and you look like you don't even have pores and I hate you. To fix these, you just want to help your skin get rid of the dead cells as gently as possible. Do NOT go thermonuclear with some apricot scrub, as that would hurt the beautiful skin with no bumps and leave you with open sores where your bumps used to be. You want an AHA. Some people like glycolic acid, I personally love lactic acid, I've heard great things about mandelic acid but haven't tried it yet because lactic acid makes my skin glow nice. The most popular and expensive product is Sunday Riley's Good Genes, another popular less expensive one is Pharmacy's Honeymoon Glow, the bargain products are from The Ordinary and they have a Glycolic Toner that is more everyday or a lactic acid or mandelic acid serum that is more like every two or three days eventually. There are also some"overnight glow" sleeping masks that have acids in a moisturizer. It depends how you want to treat it, what kinds of products you like, and how much you want to spend. Take a look at the products I listed and see what appeals to you. The important thing no matter which product you choose is to start s.l.o.w.l.y. Like if the directions say to start it every two days, double that, wait four days, I'm serious. They are acids, after all, and your skin needs to adjust. I know it's tempting to dump a bottle on your face and yell KILL IT WITH FIRE, but that will fork up your skin and make it look like you attacked it with a cheese grater. *sigh*. If you overdo it, your skin will get, red, dry. itchy, irritated, then you have to let it heal before starting all over again. If you can afford a serum like Good Genes or Honeymoon Glow, seriously start by mixing a drop or two in your moisturizer at night and wait several days before using it again. The same with the serums from The Ordinary, but if you get their glycolic toner, put VERY little on a cotton pad and swipe it on gently. Something you should know is that your skin may well break out as those bumps work up to the surface, and this is called purging and is normal, stock up on CosRX patches or whatever you spot treat with and remember that you only have to go through purging once. Red itchy jacked up skin=overexfoliating, back off on the acid; radiant skin dotted with pissy little whiteheads=purging, carry on and be glad you're quarantined; hives or welts or weeping wounds=you're allergic to that product, send it back. The great news is that when you are done purging and your skin is on a regular diet of acids, you're going to have crazy gorgeous glass skin and I will super duper hate you. Purging stinks, but those bumps gotta go, so for every pimple you get, sing And Another One Bites The Dust and meditate to the mantra **glass smooth.....that lady hates me....*
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