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Help for Dry/acne prone skin

I was so luckily blessed to have dry and acne prone skin. I've been trying to find the right skin care regime. I currently use cerave foaming wash, witch hazel to tone, and neutrogena hydrogel moisturizer, and add rosehip oil at night. It's alright. Any recommendations for me? I'm desperate lol

Re: Help for Dry/acne prone skin

You might be getting too dry from witch hazel. Look for a toner without that in it and you could see improvement. I have same skin type and had to stop witch hazel as well as surfactants. 

Re: Help for Dry/acne prone skin

I have the same issues! Glad to know it's not just not me. I also use CeraVe facial wash. CeraVe also makes some great moisturizing creams, I like their day and night creams. When I feel extra dry I use embryolise moisturizer on just the dry parts, so I don't break out. And for the breakouts I use Freeman mint and lemon clay mask, kate somerville exfolikate daily foaming face wash. For large pimples try colloidal bandages like corsx acne pimple master patch. They take pimples away overnight and are clear so you can put makeup over them! If you don't like these any water based moisturizer will help you to not break out instead of using oil based ones. 

Re: Help for Dry/acne prone skin

Thanks for the advice! I'm going to try your recommended products! Thanks again!

Re: Help for Dry/acne prone skin

Replying because I also have super dry skin that tends to break out and am interested in what others have to say. I currently use laneige products and have had less breakouts since using their skincare. They aren't completely gone, but they are less frequent. I also love that they have an essence and a moisturizing cream, so it helps with dryness. 

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