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Post in Combination Skin

Help! Looking for the perfect regimen

I am 21 years old and have combination skin. I am dry in my cheeks and then oily in my t-zone. I have tried Clique's three step for dry/combination skin for several years and  it seemed to be helping less and less. I then switched to Origins line for combination skin; which was the United States Toner, Checks and Balances face wash, and one of their moisturizer; however my t-zone still felt oily. I break out about once a month and have blackheads and my nose, I use masks and spot treatments that work pretty well. I was hoping for a suggestions on a skincare regimen (daily cleanser, toner, an exfoliating product, day and night moisturizer)?

Here's my regime! It sounds like we have the same skin ty...

Here's my regime! It sounds like we have the same skin type, so I hope this helps! (I'm an Esthe and I've put SO many products on my skin and these are the ones that seem to give me the best results.  I have super sensitive skin too! )


So for my cleanser, I'm currently using the Shu Uemura fresh pore clarifying gentle cleansing oil.  So I know Sephora doesn't carry this anymore, but It's really nice for dry combination skin.  And it has salicylic, so it also helps fight any breakouts that I get.  If you're looking for a one-stop shop, then I would go with Fresh Soy Face cleanser.  This one is also great for dry combo and, in all honesty, I'll probably go back to it once my shu is gone.  Love love love that cleanser.


For my moisturizer, I'm kind of using a couple different things.  Right after I cleanse my skin, I use the Shiseido Pureness Balancing Softener Alcohol-Free to prep my skin and then I use Josie Maran's Organic Argan Oil.   I love that it's such a simple, yet effective product.  Your skin looks super refreshed and it instantly soaks into your skin.  


After I apply my moisturizer, I load on the sunscreen -- super important.  Right now I'm using, and loving, the Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream For Face SPF 55 PA+++.  It goes on so smoothly and has a really nice smell that isn't like your traditional sunscreen.  (also I used to use the Josie Maran Protect Daily Sun Protection Argan Oil Infused SPF 40+. I like both, but if you're looking for more hydration, I'd go with the Josie.) 


And then the make up!


Hope that this helps!




oh wow, that's exactly me. combo skin, whitehead once a m...

oh wow, that's exactly me. combo skin, whitehead once a month. I get oily nose or dry cheeks depending on the New England weather, so I basically have 2 regimen. I used:


normal/dry/winter (oily/dirty/summer):

Clinique 7 day cream scrub (Clinique exfoliating scrub)

Clinique liquid soap for oily skin (L'oreal 360 clean)

Clinique toner 2 (toner 2)

Korres wild rose (Bliss oxygen+C cream or Clinique gel)

Origin A Perfect World SPF 25 (L'occitan Angelica Lotion SPF 25)


Masks for all times:

Sekkisei Kose Peel Mask (or Boscia peel mask) to get rid of dead/flaky skin.

Queen Helen Mint Julep Mask (or Murad Clay mask, diminish pimple in 3 days for me) to suck up oil.


I scrub twice a week, mask once a week, clean/tone/moisturize at night, and just water/towel clean + SPF moisturizer during the day. Cleansers and masks can be switched out, but a good moisturizer is the most important part (Cliniqued Even Better SPF20 and Boots No. 7 Protect&Perfect breaks me out, Estee Lauder moisturizers don't break me out and hydrates but make my face look shiny). Hope that helps



Re: oh wow, that's exactly me. combo skin, whitehead once a m...

i also saw that sephora has a one of those tester kits for combination face for ole henriksen .. it seems like a really good value and it has really good reviews

Well, I tried a sample of Boscia moisturizer on my hand a...

Well, I tried a sample of Boscia moisturizer on my hand and THINK it's a bit greasy, but that's unreliable. I have heard of good things about Boscia, but make sure to take home at least 3 days worth of sample to try. Depending on your skin, it might be greasy but worth a try. I'm perfect with L'occitane but every moisturizer I tried from Estee Lauder makes my face shiny regardless of hydration level.

I was using Sekkisei Kose peel mask for years before Boscia's literally identical black mask came out. The Boscia is a bit more expensive, and True Blue Spa from Bath and Body Works just came out with a blackberry peel mask that seems to be the same and cheaper (will be trying this). They are basically the same. If you want gentle peel, just wipe the dirt/oil off your face then apply. If you want it deep cleaning/thorough, use it after a shower when your pores are extra open (warning, it might hurt a bit).

Re: oh wow, that's exactly me. combo skin, whitehead once a m...

Thank you so much for your help .. have you ever tried Boscia.. I have used their black mask and found it amazing. I have been debating purchasing their new black cleanser or their other regimens. On the sephora site there is a regimen from them for combination skin. Have you heard good things about Boscia by any chance?
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