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Post in Combination Skin

Have you used...

Dior's BB Cream or Clinique's CC Cream?  Just got samplers at my Sephora store.  Have combo skin and am s~c~a~r~e~d it's going to be a disaster.  Like "Oil Spill 2013" kind of disaster.


Opinions, please!  = )

Re: Have you used...

I wasn't a huge fan of Clinique's CC

Re: Have you used...

Me, neither.  I'm finding BB and CC creams get an "FF" from me.

Re: Have you used...

I just started wearing the Diorskin Nude BB Creme. I have oily, acne prone skin and I'm LOVING this BB! I wore it today with Hourglass Veil Mineral primer in my t-zone for extra oil control and used MUFE Pro-Finish to set and for an extra dusting of color. I am using MUFE HD concealer for my post-acne discoloration but the Diorskin Nude BB gives a great light-medium coverage that even I, as a full coverage gal, really like the look of. 


The Diorskin Nude BB goes on smoothly and is very lightweight; I feel like I'm not wearing any makeup today. I applied with my BeautyBlender and it's a match made in complexion correction heaven. 


I recommend playing with different ways to apply your BB and CC creams--primer, no primer, brush, beautyblender, fingers, etc. Let us know how it goes!

Re: Have you used...

This is EXACTLY the kind of feedback I need.  Thank you!

Re: Have you used...

I was trying to comment but the page kept erroring out,.


I used the Dior BB diorskin nude. i always get the name messed up. it gives me a slight glow, lit from within. I have combo skin and dont find it to get greasy. Ive used a number of different powders over- LM, lorac, bare minerals etc and all work the same for me. i also always set everything with my scandinavia spray and then set my nose and chin with mufe hd after all is dry to control my oils. if needed i usually blot just once around 6hours 

Re: Have you used...

You can check out my post about Clinique's CC cream.

Re: Have you used...

Can you copy the link for me?  Can't find it.

Re: Have you used...

Anyone?  Anyone??

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