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HELP WANTED: Advice, regimes, recommendations

I’ve always always had wonderful smooth even skin. Although a little on the dry side with the odd huge underground pimple, I never had an issue. I haven’t been much of a makeup wearer since 2016 when I was young and partying. 

I’m 27 now, a new ish mom, and suddenly have cystic type acne on my jaw long and neck, massive pores, dark circles, scarring, redness, fine lines and sagging skin 😭 I have extremely sensitive skin - currently I have itchy stingy flakey eyelids that are swollen most days, I get red itchy splotches when I randomly flare up. No doubt I have ruined my skin barrier and then some. I need some advice on proper products and routine so I don’t do anymore damage than I have already!

i use spf 50 everyday

ive tried it all - hyloronic acid, squaline, SA, AHA BHA, retinol, ceramide - the list goes on. 


Make up looks horrible on my face !


most recently I’ve been trying the NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer NARS and PATRICK TA Major Skin Crème Foundation and Finishing Powder Duo and it just seems to pill every time even using MILK MAKEUP Mini Hydro Grip Hydrating Makeup Primer 0.33 oz/ 10 mL or Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops Serum 


i have no idea what I’m doing and finding myself so discouraged I have trouble leaving the house on time or at all. 

Re: HELP WANTED: Advice, regimes, recommendations

@aStew11   Sometimes giving birth triggers allergies and sensitivities you never had prior to being pregnant.  
Have you tried taking an antihistamine to see if it’s an allergic reaction to something in your current regimen?   If you are breastfeeding and want to test this, be sure to pump some milk first so baby doesn’t get any in your breast milk.  
I would gravitate toward fragrance free skincare like Cerave and also start double rinsing your laundry to remove any soap residue.  Remove as many triggers as possible.  
An anti inflammatory diet may also help.  
You may also be experiencing a huge hormone drop if you’re baby was born in the last six months which can mess with you skin and mood.  this is fairly common and usually settles itself as your hormones settle.  
i would rule out the allergic reaction first though cause those swollen flakey eyes sound like an allergy to me. 

Re: HELP WANTED: Advice, regimes, recommendations

That sounds like a really tough skin predicament @aStew11 

What happened to cause it,  do you know?


First of, you should go to your family doctor or a specialist like a dermatologist to get to the bottom of your skin issues.  Even just a diagnosis can help you purchase skin care that suits your specific skin care needs. 

I think avoid chemical actives until your skin calms down.  Keep your skin care routine calm and gentle until your skin heals.

I'd reccomend a gentle cleanser for very sensitive skin, a ceramide serum to help repair your skin barrier and a moisturizer followed by spf in the day time. But check in with a professional, it could save you time of guessing how to best help your skin.  (Use Luke warm not hot water and no harsh scrubbing.)

 I'd say nothing to harsh, if your skin barrier is damaged it needs to heal.

There's alot to skin care and I dont know all the science but I think if your suffering seeing a specialist or your fam doctor would be a good idea.


A gentle cleanser might be,  

Skinfix Barrier+ Foaming Oil Hydrating Cleanser 6 oz/ 177 mL

Cerave Hydrating Cleanser



A ceramide cream might be, 

Glow Recipe Avocado Soothing Skin Barrier Serum with Ceramides 1 oz/ 30 mL 


A moisturizer might be, 


Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin™ Skin Barrier Moisturizer 

Skinfix Barrier+ Triple Lipid-Peptide Face Cream 3.04 oz/ 90 mL 




Skinfix Barrier+ Besties Hydrating and Nourishing Kit 

Dr. Jart+ K-Classics Cicapair™ and Ceramidin™ Duo 


After you get a pros opinion, these are just some examples of products that might help with your skin issues 💗 good luck!

Re: HELP WANTED: Advice, regimes, recommendations

@CynthieLu  Seeing a GP is a good idea in any case because they will have proper advice on taking antihistamines while breastfeeding for it’s an allergic reaction.  

Re: HELP WANTED: Advice, regimes, recommendations

I didn't see your response @heartsmyface great advice.  I heard new-ish mom and I didn't think young baby.  Very excellent points you made! 

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