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GlamGlow Clarifying Mud Mask.

So I used it for the first time last night and wasn't too impressed, especially after I had been hearing AMAZING things about it. I used toner and moisturized after, was I not supposed to to get the full effect? Maybe I didn't leave it in on long enough?

Re: GlamGlow Clarifying Mud Mask.

Do any of you have a recommendation for replacing the glam glow mud mask with something cheaper? I'm looking for something that does the same with clearing pores, just not as expensive.

Re: GlamGlow Clarifying Mud Mask.

Lol, maybe you don't have enough gunk on your face. I usually use Origins Charcoal mask 1-2x a week, so when I finally tried white Glamglow, I didn't see anything amazing either. It does the same thing as Origins for me, except it's easier to take off. I like the black one a bit more, cuz it's a nice scrub as well as a mask, so double duty.


I usually leaves the mask on until it dries completely (no damp spots).

Re: GlamGlow Clarifying Mud Mask.

Are you talking about the Super Mud Clearing Treatment?  The one in the white jar?  I love that stuff!  I use it about once a week for 20 minutes and as a spot treatment for pimples.


My nose and the area around my nose hasn't looked this clear since I don't know when.  The first time I used it I was so grossed out by all the dark spots (where the clogged pores are I think).  Then again after rinsing away by how many blackheads had been brought to the surface.  But now there's very few so that says to me that it's working.  I also love how it speeds the healing of the whiteheads and cysts that pop up on my chin every month and/or when I use a product my skin doesn't like.

Maybe you have to have problem skin to see any difference with this.  I only use it on my nose area and chin because those are the evil areas of my face.  My cheeks and forehead behave so I've never tried it there.  I suppose I could and report back!


(I think I'm going to copy and paste this and post it as my review.)

Re: GlamGlow Clarifying Mud Mask.

@AmyC I've tried it too and was not impressed. I think that some products are good for some people and others not so much. 

Re: GlamGlow Clarifying Mud Mask.

Well your not going to see an amazing difference with one use. It takes using it regularly to see results. I use it and it helps to speed up the time it takes for my breakouts to go away and i don't get so many when i use it twice a week. But it's so expensive for what you get i will not rebuy this at all. I get similar results with my other mask. There was so much hype about it i think most people expect to use it once and see a miracle. How long did you leave it on?


Re: GlamGlow Clarifying Mud Mask.

I left in on for about 10 minutes. I think I am going to try it once or twice more and I may return it because I honestly saw a considerable difference in my skin after using the Fresh Rose Face Mask and that was just after one or two uses. I bought the two makes because I had heard so much hype about both and I thought they had two different purposes.

Re: GlamGlow Clarifying Mud Mask.

The fresh rose mask is alittle different in terms of what it does. It's meant to calm and hydrate and so i saw a big difference after one use. For acne and clearing pores it's going to take more time with the Glamglow mask. I also leave it on for 20 minutes. 

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