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Post in Combination Skin

Giorgio Armani's foundations?


   Heyy everyone, 

I just wanted to ask for you guys' opinion about the Armani's foundations. 

I recently received a sample for the Maestro and Luminous silk, and didn't think they were "that" great. (Maestro even smelled like Men's aftershave lotion..) 

They also broke me out badly 


But because their reviews are so great, I wanted to give them another try... 

Idk maybe I broke out for a different reason.. and Maestro and luminous silk wasn't fit for my skin type.. 


What do everyone think? 

is lasting silk or designer lift a better fit for combination skin? 

Re: Giorgio Armani's foundations?

First, if the foundation broke you out, you should probably look for another foundation no matter what the reviews say. People review a product based on their experience, but everyone's skin is different.


I loved how Luminous Silk looked on my skin. However, just like you, it made me break out, so it was returned and I moved on. 

Re: Giorgio Armani's foundations?

luminous silk is my go to now - and is a permanent color - used to be Chanel but their colors change too often for me and I gave up

Re: Giorgio Armani's foundations?

Lasting silk is described as matte but its not...more like semi matte/satin, offers more coverage than maestro and luminous silk. Maestro is good for people with normal/oily skin...not good for people with dry skin or dry will accentuate it. Luminous silk is dewy medium coverage...both photographs well. Out of the 3, Lasting silk is my favorite but I use maestro more. I don't remember how designer lift was, I gave mine to my Mom so I must not have like the coverage. Armani foundations works very well for me...I really like how they look like my skin but so much better (I dont prefer the look of obvious foundation hence I avoid full coverage). I also have combination leaning oily skin and Armani never gave me breakouts. If you think they are breaking you out, maybe you should skip them and look for another foundation that would work better for you.

Re: Giorgio Armani's foundations?

i have acne-prone, very oily skin and i love luminous silk. 

Re: Giorgio Armani's foundations?

i really like luminous silk, but wasn't impressed by maestro. (Think maestro is so minimal in coverage that i could just buy a tinted moisturizer and have the same effect - and I love the nars one and think the coverage is decent for redness for about $20 less) 


you should keep track of the ingredients in case you do have sensitivity to some of them. I think a friend of mine can't use armani foundations at all because of an ingredient (but I don't remember which one, sorry!) 

I don't think luminous silk has a strong fragrance, and i find that it is not as nice when my skin is dry

Re: Giorgio Armani's foundations?

I've got combination to very oily skin, and Lasting Silk not only didn't last but also broke me out like cheap drugstore foundations used to do. Face Fabric was better in day wear, but my skin didn't like it much. Maestro simply didn't last, but that is to be expected from an oil-based foundation on an oily skin. I may be wrong, but all of Armani's foundation (the ones that I've tried or tested at least) have quite a strong fragrance and a whole lot of silicones, both of which irritate the skin. I love the brand - their eyeshadows, mascara and lipsticks are amazing, and the packaging is great - but as far as foundation goes, I couldn't find anything that would work for me.

Re: Giorgio Armani's foundations?

Thank you for your opinion! 

I was going to give it another try if no one else broke out from the foundation because honestly the packaging, finish, and review are so great T_T 


Re: Giorgio Armani's foundations?

I'm sorry but if you didn't think they were "that great" and they made your skin break out, why are you asking for our opinion?  Clearly your skin has spoken. Move on to something else. I love Luminous skin and have been wearing it since it first came out but why would you accept my opinion?  Trust your opinion. More importantly trust your skin!!!

Re: Giorgio Armani's foundations?

I don't know because I may have been wrong.. I might not have broken out because of the foundation, but because of something else.. 

I guess I'm being biased because of all the great reviews I've read.. and is wondering if I should try again 

Re: Giorgio Armani's foundations?

I have luminous silk and I am also combination skin.  I find that is wears very well as long as I set it.  It is probably my favorite foundation but when my skin is acting up (breaking out) I prefer to use another foundation and instead use my Armani foundation when my skin is perfect or for special occasions b/c it is so expensive.

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