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Foundation Settling Into Smile Lines

Hey there you lovely people!


I have a dilemma that I've been dealing with ever since I started wearing foundation: no matter which type I use, no matter the primer, it always settles into my smile lines. Although I'm only 20, I have very defined smile lines, plus creases on my forehead, and my foundation always begins to crease even before I set it with powder. I've tried everything - using less product, changing primers, using eye shadow primer in my problem areas... I'm reaching a point where I feel like the only solution is to get injections to fill in the creases. Do any of you have suggestions? I'm extremely pale and use Kat Von D's Light 41 Neutral foundation, just for reference. It ruins my face and I hate that this is an issue I'm running into so early in life. Any help at all would be appreciated!


Have a great day, lovelies!


RE: Foundation Settling Into Smile Lines

I would suggest using a beauty blender and make sure it is really wet before using product. KatVD products are thick you may need to thin it out in that area by mixing moisturizer, primer, and then product... Best of luck ❤️Let me know if that works, it tends to work with me...Also although its pricey, try Dior airflash... you will fall in love 😍
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