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Post in Combination Skin

Favorite masks?

Anybody have a favorite, must use mask?  I'm treating myself to new skincare items and masks are something I don't do enough of.  My skin is basically normal, with the occasional dry spot or small whitehead.  Just had a bday, and 50 Is coming alot closer than I care to think about.  I'm eyeing the Boscia Tsubaki sleep mask, and perhaps the Apivita grape one.  Any thoughts or suggestions?  Thanks, beauties!

Re: Favorite masks?

Oh masks ... how I love and hate thee. At any given time, I can provide a good dozen or three masks of different varieties for a beauty night. I'm terrible about always trying new ones even thought almost nothing works!!


Sooryehan makes my fav mask, but I'm sure that's a brand no one will relish trying to fine. Still, the massage cream is pretty great when I'm dealing with the yo-yoing cold and dryness of winter.


Cailyn sheet masks are weird and bizarre (and seems only available online) but is so great for radiance. The biocellulose or whatever is just odd feeling, though.


Korres Yogurt mask (except not really a mask) is really good when I'm feeling so dry that my usual Sooryehan routine isn't doing enough. But on it's own, I don't love it.


For dry patches, try a combo of avocado and honey. I find it works best for me, and I don't have to buy an expensive jar for the very rare occasion when I'm really, really dry. (Basically, it does what the Korres does but cheaper.)


Currently testing out Boscia masks (got the 500 pt kit) and GlamGlow.  After one GlamGlow use, I'm ready to not recommend it, though I'll be giving it another couple of weeks before I'm firm on any opinion.  Have more hopes for the Boscia, mainly because I love peel-away masks, though the last peel-off Boscia mask I tried didn't work as well as the Seikisho Mask White that I had been using.

Re: Favorite masks?

i just picked up the Boscia Tsubaki today - looking forward to trying it! I'm also thinking Omorovicza deep cleansing mask is going to be awesome too


The masks I currently LOVE are Chantecaille Detox, Koh Gen Do Brightening Spa Moisture Mask, and Rodial Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic mask Smiley Happy 


I just started using Goldfaden MD Fresh a Peel and it is so good. Ren Glycol Lactic was a bit harsh for me so the goldfaden is an awesome alternative. It is brand new Smiley Happy 


EDIT: just noticed you posted under the normal/combo skin board. So if you don't have dry skin i quite like osmia detox exfoliating mask and for the inexpensive clay variety you can also try anthony logistics deep pore cleansing mask.  my fiance loves that one and i think it is great for the price!

Re: Favorite masks?




I have experimented with quite a few masks in the last year and I love Ren's Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask.  It really has improved the texture, softness, and radiance of my skin.  Good stuff!

Re: Favorite masks?

I second this -- it's really the only mask I use, and it's amazing! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Favorite masks?

Ay ya! I have like twenty masks under my sink. I have ones for break outs, ones for radiance, ones for hydration, ones for oiliness, ones that don't really do anything, ones just for fun...


I just started the Korres Rose 'n' Vitamin C sleeping facial and I love it. (For radiance). Trying really hard not to buy the Yogurt flavored one for hydration.

Re: Favorite masks?

Not to derail the thread from masks (or enable you! ha), but one of the CM's at my Sephora, when I hesitated to buy the (then brand new) yoghurt version because I LOVE the Rose one so much...he suggested it would be perfectly fine to layer the 2. He was freshly back from an extensive seminar at Korres when he told me that, too.


Just thought I'd mention it...

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