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Facial cleanser & lotions

Hi Dolls! I am looking for a facial cleanser & lotion that leave my skin soft & bright! My skins feels like it is tired & stressed! Ah!

A line that Sephora has recently discontinued, Skyn Icela...

A line that Sephora has recently discontinued, Skyn Iceland, is specifically geared toward stressed skin. The Glacial Face Wash would definitely be great for you if you are able to find it! I have been using it for the last few months and it helps sooth my sensitive skin and calm breakouts.


Something that I've recently discovered for brightening is Bliss's Triple Oxygen Mask.  I am in love with this stuff. It works wonders! I stayed up really late last night to write a paper, fell asleep without washing my face or anything.. I looked like a zombie when I woke up. But in the morning I put this on after cleansing, and WOW. My face was instantly brighter and there was a huge difference. It's really fun to use too! It's great for deep cleansing every other day or so.

(I caught this Bliss kit when it was on sale recently, but it's not in stock anymore. You should definitely try it if it ever comes back!)


The Triple Oxygen Cream I'm not such a huge fan of.. It made me break out when I first tried it out, but my skin is particularly sensitive and yours may be different. You may want to try a sample of it from Sephora before you but it--and if it works anything like the mask, it will definitely be a great moisturizer to brighten your skin.

Hey - I like Philosophy Purity Made Simple and Philosophy...

Hey - I like Philosophy Purity Made Simple and Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash, you can even mix them together and use them at the same time, best of both worlds.  I'm not 100% in love with any moisturizer right now. Phil. Hope in a Jar is raved about, I think I like it, sometimes I put it on when my face is slightly damp, it's lighter that way. ***Don't like the smell of it though, smells like a wet dog to me.....Does anyone else think that?*** I'm kinda on the fence about it. I've been using Eucerin Redness Relief Daily Perfecting Lotion because it has a green tint which helps lessen redness in my skin. I also use Phil. Hope in a Bottle which is for skin with some acne issues.


I used to use a brand called Tyra - no connection with Tyra Banks. Basic line is Cleanser, Normalizer (toner) Moisturizer(nice)Then there's Plus IV Deep Moisturizer, you apply it and then spritz on water and gently smooth/ rub all over your face for maybe a minute or two. (they actually sell their own water, they put it through some process so it's "special" - I tried it a few times then tried just my own tap and bottled water - I feel so stupid for saying this but, I really thought their water was better....I know, it's crazy!!) I used this for quite a while and loved it, just got away from it because I started to have a problem with medication induced acne and needed something more hardcore acne related. I am thinking about trying it again. Hope it's okay to mention this since Sephora doesn't offer it...the website is - then click on products link. They offer other products as well, a nice unscented body lotion, I mixed it with a speck of a scented lotion they sell, yum.


Kate Somerville is supposed to be great. I just ordered some Stri-Vectin products so, we'll see how that goes. Perricone Cold Plasma is good but I don't know if you need something that intense/expensive. Tyra is much more cost effective. Of course, more economical options are Clinique, I just got a generous sample of their Moisture Surge Intense which is a bit rich for my skin, I just use it on certain spots that need more love. Bare Escentuals has moisturizer now, it's supposed to be great, my sister really likes it. BE cleanser is good too.Olay is supposed to have some really effective products and Eucerin(drugstore brand) is a fantastic company with a great reputation, many doctors recommend it. Aveeno is another good one, a girlfriend uses and loves it.


 PS - I'm a bit embarrassed to say this but for a while I used (alternated) a combo of Tyra's regular moisturizer, unscented body lotion and Plus IV + water......on my dogSmiley Embarassed My last Greyhound, Princess (Princey Girl) had rather sensitive, dry skin on her belly. She had the most beautiful, shiny black coat, I've never seen anything like it. But, her belly was dry and I had (and loved) my Tyra products, they're super gentle , so I used them. They worked wonders, I didn't have to do it every single day, and she LOVED her spa treatment.


Hope this helped you out, let me know what you end up trying, if you don't mind. You can always private message me if you like. I'm sure lots of other gals will give you more great ideas. (sorry this was so long, hope you were able to get through it)

Hey lovelyyy - short translation of my post above. Philos...

Hey lovelyyy - short translation of my post above. Philosophy Purity Made Simple & Phil. Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash. Phil. Hope in a Jar. Tyra Skincare - not related to Tyra Banks. Eucerin Redness Relief Lotion and other Eucerin products. Clinique Moisture Surge and Moisture Surge Intense. Kate Sommerville. Perricone Cold Plasma maybe, but, ouch... cha-ching!!!! Bare Escentuals Moisturizer (and cleanser)Maybe try Olay or Aveeno.*** Last but not least, the revelation that I used my Tyra products on my dog's belly - she would recommend them highly. Have a great day. Hope you find the perfect products for you and hope you'll keep us/me posted.

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