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Post in Combination Skin

Face moisturizer ingredients

If anyone can give me advice on a few ingredients, that would be helpful.  It's for a face moisturizer I'm thinking of buying.  The ingredients I'm questioning are:


Glycerin  - second in ingredient list)

Circa Microcrystallina ( Microcrystilline Wax) listed seventh in ingredient list

Barium Sulfate



Another moisturizer by NARS has a lot of the same ingredients but in a different order.  I also saw the word:  



Otherwise, has anyone tried the new Origins: "Make a Difference Plus+?"  (Featured in this month's Marie Claire)I guess they have a few new moisturizers.  Has anyone tried them? 


I tried Fresh SPF 20 face moisturizer.  I will use it and wash at night.  Then wake up and notice that my face looks white like sandpaper-y and whiteish in that area.  I tried: Fresh face lotion SPF20, washing, applying Fresh again.  Then wake up and wash and I'd see the sandaper-y /white area.  I'm kind of pale anyway but I still noticed it.  I have combination skin.  Also, I have been breaking out more since using it.  Less blackhead but more blemishes.  I get oily between my eyebrows mainly or a little bit on my chin. 


I haven't found anything I really am attached to for facial moisturizers at Sephora, to date.  I love so many of your other products I just don't love the facial moisturizer selection.  I will admit I haven't tried Sephora's high priced moisturizer such as AmoraPacifica.  I hope I have the spelling correct. 





Glycerin is a moisturizing ingredient and pretty much fou...

Glycerin is a moisturizing ingredient and pretty much found everywhere (moisturizer, lotion, balms, non-drying toner, gentle cleanser).

Wax are usually not used in moisturizers but in balms, 99% of lip balms contain some kind of wax (most likely beewax and I've seen Microcrystilline Wax a couple times). Wax are not hydrating but are protective.


You don't have to worry about those 2, but sulfate, mica and silicone are a bit more controversial. Mica is a powder (helps to mattify I think) and found in a lot of compact and loose powders, some claim it clog pores and avoids it. Sulfate is a cleansing agent and found in all shampoos, but some claim it's too harsh and there might be other bad stuff I don't remember. Any ingredients that ends in "-icone" is a form of silicone, and the most common silicone ingredient in skincare is Dimethicone. Silicone makes your skin/hair feel smooth, so it's a main ingredient in a lot of primers. Silicone/Dimethicone is also present in moisturizer/serums intended for protective layer (you can hydrate your skin, but just like a damp sponge out in the open, if there's nothing on top to seal in the moisture and protect, the hydration just disappears). However, depending on your skintype, silicone can clog pores. I have combo skin and can't stand silicone in the summer, but I'm fine with dimethicone moisturizers in the winter (Sheer Transformation from Henriksen).


That's all I remember off top of my head. If you google it, there's plenty of database and resources online to explain in more detail. As for white sand papery area, do you mean dry/flaky skin patches? I know I had oily combo and lived in a humid area, when I moved north and lived in dry heating in the winter, I was puzzled by my dry skin patches. If you do not have oily skin and lives in an area with distinct 4 seasons (indoor heating in the winter), it's time to switch from a lotion to gel cream or cream. Personally I like Clinique and Origins (Moisture Surge and Make a Difference moisturizer are great. I'm using Perfect World during the day right now). I also like Murad Essential C line, but don't know what skin type you have. I suggest look at moisturizers from Sephora, filter by skin type and age, and pick a couple you are interested in to get samples of, then buy.

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