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Post in Combination Skin

Double Cleansing Combinations...

Hello beautifuls...are you a believer in double cleansing??  If not why and if yes what products have you used in combination that have left you with happy balanced skin??


I have  been experimenting first with the cleansing oils (Shu Uemeria Purifying when travelling, Murad Rejuvenating in AM, Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing in PMl)  vs actual pure oils first to remove waterproof SPF/makeup and then a creamy cleanser ( Algenist Gentle Rejuvenating Cleanser) or a foaming cleanser.  Occasionally I would add an intermediate step such as a mild scrub or salicylic acid wash if I feel I need extra help with congestion.  


First I must say I prefer cleansing oils due to their emulsification abilities with water.  


What combinations have you tried??

RE: Double Cleansing Combinations...

Oh girl double cleansing is an absolute must! If anything in your routine, double cleanse!! I am currently on the hunt for a new cleansing oil and I have been recommended the Pharmacy and Tatcha ones! For a second cleanser, I really enjoy the Origins Checks and Balances cleanser and the Tatcha cleanser is great as well.

Re: Double Cleansing Combinations...

I'm a true believer of double cleansing ! I don't think I can go without the 2nd round of cleansing 


I've tried Shu Uemura, Boscia, Bobbi Brown, Sulhwasoo, and DHC cleansing oils, Banila co cleansing cream, and Coconut oil (I've heard about it working) 


For foam cleansers, I honestly just use whatever works well with the Clarisonic - Origins Checks and balance, Clarins gentle foaming, Caudalie self foaming, Philosophy self foaming, Kiehls ultra facial cleanser, etc 


I personally prefer cleansing oils.. the cleansing cream didn't seem to do as good of a job and the ingredients are not as great. the coconut oil was a failure for me.. I didn't like that it foamed up a little at the end and washed clean... and instead left residues of oil.. 

my favorites are bobbi brown, sulhwasoo and DHC. I don't like all the unfavorable ingredients in Shu Uemura. I feel like if its going to be as expensive, it should at least use high quality ingredients.. not to mention the radiation. 

Re: Double Cleansing Combinations...

Hi vvib. did you just say radiation regarding Shu?? Elaborate if you may.....

Re: Double Cleansing Combinations...

I don't know in huge detail, but there are alot of people trying to avoid Japanese products because of the radioactive contamination. It is said to affect the younger generation than the exposed generation.. 


I'm not paranoid about it, but I'd rather avoid it just in case.. but there are people who avoid it altogether.. like they won't even use eyeliners, eyeshadows, mascaras that are Japanese brands make not to mention all food items 

Re: Double Cleansing Combinations...

Oh I see. Thanks for clearing that up.

Re: Double Cleansing Combinations...

I use Clinique's Take the Day Off Balm to remove all my makeup, then use a normal gel or foaming cleanser. I love how the balm takes all my makeup off even tough waterproof mascara. 

Re: Double Cleansing Combinations...

I think double cleansing is a must for me. I use the Boscia's Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing oil to take off my make up and follow it up with ALGENIST Gentle Rejuvenating Cleanser. I have a history of breakouts and double double cleansing has really helped keep my skin from experiencing even the occasional break out. 

Re: Double Cleansing Combinations...

I am - I usually use Boscia's Makeup Breakup Cleansing Oil and then my Origins Checks and Balances Cleanser - works like a dream!

Re: Double Cleansing Combinations...

I have acne prone skin so if I am wearing makeup I have to double cleanse so that my regular face cleanser can actually do it's job and treat my skin. For makeup removal I normally use either the Basis face wash or the Philosophy Purity gel cleanser and a pump of either Ole's African red tea foaming cleanser or Bliss' Triple oxygen foaming face wash.

Re: Double Cleansing Combinations...

I definitely believe in double cleansing when I am removing makeup!


My favorite combination is Josie Maran's Cleansing Oil and Boscia's Detoxifying Black Cleanser. I also really really like the Nude Cleansing Oil. 


<3, Randee

Re: Double Cleansing Combinations...

I generally use a Boscia's Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing oil to remove makeup and then wash my face with Perricone MD Citrus face wash.  And sometimes I follow up with some bioderma just because that's what I do!


Morning cleansing routines depend a little bit... either Perricone MD citrus face wash and bioderma or just the bioderma (depends if I've got a lot of serums/treatments on or if I feel like my face just needs a quick refresh.  Smiley Happy

Re: Double Cleansing Combinations...

I use an oil to remove the makeup and/or sunscreen--I use a homemade blend of castor oil and safflower oil, though if I'm traveling I'll use Josie Maran's cleansing oil because it's less of a mess.  Then I follow with a regular cleanser and my Clarisonic.  I try various brands but I always tend to return to Garnier's The Radiance Cleansing Gelee.


In the mornings, I just use the cleanser and Clarisonic.

Re: Double Cleansing Combinations...

Makeup remover/first cleanse: cleansing oil or water.


Second cleanse/only cleanse if I don't wear makeup: foaming or gel cleanser.

Re: Double Cleansing Combinations...

This is what I do as well! Smiley Happy

Re: Double Cleansing Combinations...

I always double cleanse at night, and sometimes in the morning, just... cause, lol. Washing my face is one of my favorite habits. It's like a mini-spa.


At night I use either the Clinique Cleansing Balm, or cold pressed unrefined coconut oil. Although I'm looking for another oil to try as well for this first step. I take this off with a clean, hot washcloth. 


Then, I follow with a cleanser like the Mario Badescu Enzyme cleansing gel, Shiseido cleansing milk, or whatever sample I happen to be working through (my face wash samples are seemingly endless... ) I like to avoid anything foaming in the evening.


In the morning, I sometimes use a scrub first. Currently working through my Clinique scrub. I love this in the morning as it has a bit of menthol or mint in it that wakes me up. Alternately, I use the Burts Bees cleansing cream for the same reason. 


I follow that with a gentle foaming cleanser like PTR's acne cleanser or Lancome's cream-to-foam cleanser, depending on how my skin feels that day.

Re: Double Cleansing Combinations...


upload_410085555116522733.jpgI love these two together!




upload_3541893894085468840.jpg(this is more of a gel texture vs. a foam)


I have maybe 10 different cleansers, a big skincare junkie Smiley Happy  


Re: Double Cleansing Combinations...

I normally use the DHC oil. I have tried them all from $-$$$ and my favorite is the DHC. I'm currently using up a balm from elemis the pro-colagen one. It's efficient but pricey.
I put the balm/oil on my face make sure to massage it then with a warm cloth i lay it on my skin and just leave for a minute or so pressing gently on to my skin. This definitely helps to just melt away all of my make up. Then I usualy follow with a clay based cleanser to really deep clean the pores. I'm using Sunday Riley ceramic slip but before I was using one from REN and it was good as well.

I used to use the Shu Uemura until I discovered that it contains mineral oil which over time can cause pore enlargement and break outs.


Re: Double Cleansing Combinations...

This is good know. I haven't try double cleanse yet; and I use that REN clay cleanser currently. So I was wondering if one could successfully double cleanse with one of a clay cleanser. 

Re: Double Cleansing Combinations...

Good thing to note regarding the mineral oil in Shu.  It's just hard to find travel sizes!!  I like having the original bottles because of the spout!!  I'm super clumsy as is and put me in a strange hotel room and ask me to fumble around in my toiletteries without my contacts on is bound to result in me spilling the whole bottle! So if DHC makes a travel size I'm in to replacing Shu.!!

Re: Double Cleansing Combinations...

They do but it doesnt have a spot. What I did was I bought macs cleansing oil the travel size version and filled it up w/ it. It's great because it has one of those twist and lock pump so it wont create a big mess.

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