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Does Argan Oil make you break out?

Hello my fellow make-up lovers!


I've been so curious about this famous Argan Oil. In particular the Josie Maran ones. I have combination skin. My forehead and nose are dry, and my cheeks and chin are oily. 


I'm kind of afraid to use products with oil in them... especially products with oil in the very name of them.


My questions are... Will Argan Oil make you break out? Has anyone with combination skin tried these products with beneficial effects? And if so, what were they? Has anyone tried it with negative effects on their skin?


Thank you in advance if you answer my question. I'm extremely curious.


Warm Regards, Love, and Make-Up! ❤️





Re: Does Argan Oil make you break out?

I normally have combo/oily acne prone skin and I can't use Josie Maran's Argan Oil. It REALLY dried out and irritated my skin. It didn't absorb and, even though it dried out my skin horribly, it felt very greasy. It made my pores look huge and I looked like I had a sunburn. I didn't break out all over but I did get one of the largest pimples I've ever had. I honestly don't know how people can love this stuff but they do. My skin is just getting back to normal now after a ton of work. I would definitely try a sample because it does seem to work on some people. I think you either love it or hate it.

Re: Does Argan Oil make you break out?

Like others have said before me, everyone's skin is different and while some people with oily skin love argan oil, others have had breakouts from using it. Personally I have oily, acne-prone skin and I use it when I get breakouts. I've found that it helps calm down the redness and inflammation of my breakouts. We also got a pretty nasty cold spell in California recently and I got some nasty dry patches, and argan oil fixed it right up.


One piece of advice: if you do try it, I would recommend searching for argan oil on Amazon. The Josie Maran argan oil is grossly overpriced, and you're really only paying for the brand name. There are several organic, eco-cert types on Amazon where the proceeds go to the same women's co-ops in Morocco as the JM one. I found a 2oz bottle on Amazon for $18 not too long ago.

Re: Does Argan Oil make you break out?

Bingo.  I buy my argan oil for around $9 an ounce.  Unrefined and just how argan oil should be.  I'm grateful to the JM line for turning me on to argan oil, but having discovered it cheaper, I am not sure I'd go back.  The only thing I adore with JM's line is the argan stick.  I love it and haven't found an equivalent.

Re: Does Argan Oil make you break out?

I have oily skin as well, and though I don't use the argan oil often, it works well when I do. I generally use it for nighttime. Just a few drops rubbed inbetween my hands and skimmed over a freshly-washed face does the trick. Also, it works well on damp hair to make it super soft and manageable, and as a cuticle oil if you don't get too much. Over all, I would say it is a good item to have in your arsenal. Just be sparing as we head into summer and when you get break-outs. Hope this helps 🙂

Re: Does Argan Oil make you break out?

I was really worried about using an oil on my face too. So i bought the sample bottle from sephora - and i have to say it worked great for me - no breakouts, no rashes. It makes my skin really soft and fresh looking. My skin is pretty normal, but does get oily once in a while in a T-zone.

Re: Does Argan Oil make you break out?

I did notice a few breakouts and my skin felt extremely oily after using the cleanser and oil both together and seperately. I would not recommend these products personally for someone with normal/combo skin.


However, I LOVE the Josie Lip Balm AND wipes!!! The wipes left NO residue on my skin and completely cleaned the skin with no breakouts. The lip balm has mad a signifigant difference in my lips!!!

Re: Does Argan Oil make you break out?

First you must realize that not every one has the same reactions to every product...what is good for one may be horrible to another.  So with that said you may want to try it in a small out of sight spot on you skin to make sure you wont have any problems.  Also a lot of people experience breakouts when trying new products any it could cause you problems for a short period of time then go away.  Oils are very pore clogging any way so it all has to be trial and error...I think that's just life!!

Re: Does Argan Oil make you break out?

Hello! While I have a very oily complexion, I have never experienced any problems re. Argan oil and blemishes/breakouts. It really does seem to be a "greaseless oil," just as Josie Maran promises. I apply to my freshly-washed face, and it sinks right in, leaving my face soft yet not greasy. I am able to wear a face-full of makeup (foundation, concealer, powder) layered on top without incident.  I've used it for over two years now and have never experienced any problems. Hope this helps; just thought I'd add my two cents! Good luck!  

Re: Does Argan Oil make you break out?

I am not prone to breakouts but everytime I try my argan oil I do..  I looked online and everyone says it doesn't cause acne so I keep thinking it must be a coincedence..  but it's happened a few times now.  I'm also having this same experience with my Algernist overnight.  So while I'm still not 100% sure it's cause and affect, I break out so rarely that I'm starting to think it is the products 😞  

Re: Does Argan Oil make you break out?

It's honestly a hit or miss.


Argan oil is rich in natural, botanical or plant based oils which mimic the natural/essential oils our skin actually needs to work with water to stay hydrated and balanced rather than be comprised of synthetic oils that can just linger on skin and clog pores.


Though this may sound all fair and good, certain skin types and individuals have skin that find any type of oil (healthy or not) to be too heavy on their skin, thus causing break outs or even irritation if they are actual sensitive or allergic to components.


Beautytester did a great break down and comparison for many of the popular oils sold today:


So you can get more info on how the texture and weight is, along with application tips to prevent from over applying.

Re: Does Argan Oil make you break out?

You are the best! I'm adding you as a friend! 😄

Re: Does Argan Oil make you break out?

You're too sweet, girlie!


I love being able to help and Beautytester did a great job putting that comparison thread together!

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