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Closest peel to acne peels at dermatologist offices?

I'm looking for a peel that would be closest to my dermatologist office's chemical peel for acne & acne scarring. I had this done at their office two weeks ago to experience Zero peeling (I was told I should indeed peel if I'd left it on long enough for my skin's needs). I can't have it done again for a month for insurance reasons - any input on a strong product to mimic this in-house service?

I've only tried the Ole Lemon Strip Flash Peel and thought it was decent..

I have combo, medium-toned skin with near-constant clogged pores (& blackheads) around my t zone (& nose), especially with the warmer weather. I have acne scarring with some pitting and discoloration/ dark spots as well. I use my Clarisonic Mia 3 once a day (& love it!) with REN's Rosa Centifola Cleansing Balm, KS toner & Murad Essntial C Day Moisturizer, which has SPF 30. At night I use a homemade serum, alternated with my Retin A.

Thanks guys!!


**The peel at my dermas was some % glycolic acid and 15% TCA

Re: Closest peel to acne peels at dermatologist offices?

I had two profractional laser surgery at the dermatologist's office at $1200 each. Never again. I wish topical peels were just as strong but not with the price. I haven't found anything I like just yet.

Re: Closest peel to acne peels at dermatologist offices?

Did you get good results even though it was expensive? Because I am willing to pay, I just want to make sure my hollow scars would be filled afterwards. I hope it made sense (not native speaker here). I could use some insight.. Thank you ❤️

Re: Closest peel to acne peels at dermatologist offices?

Not a huge difference.  I think they recommend three, but I only did two. I still have acne scars on the sides of my face. It left a brown mark on my forehead that has taken about three years to start fading. I also looked sunburned for a few months afterwards.

Re: Closest peel to acne peels at dermatologist offices?

I got PCOS and have done my share of spironolactone and metformins to help my acne... dermatologist peels helped me a lot - I've tried almost all acids to lighten my acne scars and hyperpigmentation.. and also spent on fraxel - but then i moved to the following home products and have used all of the following:


1. Murad Intensive-C® Radiance Peel - it is something that does not burn/irritate my skin one bit but i see instant results in the mirror limited to brightening - no results on acne scars (i don't think it's advertised to help acne scars either)


2. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta® Peel Extra Strength Formula has been my best friend - like i feel the burn but quickly goes away - but doesn't feel like a "peel" because my skin doesn't fall off the next week (like it did after dermatologist peels)


3. Cane + Austin Retexture Pads - here I think I played dumb. I ordered the new product (only available online) but selected 10% and felt nothing at all. it was like using a makeup removing wipe. Maybe the 20 or 30% pads have some magical powers to help my scars. After so many dermatologist peels my skin obviously withstands lot more without irritation, so these may or may not feel the same on your skin.


4. Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Correction Pads - these are not really peels but i use them to help with my scarring and love them as much as option #2 above.


5. last but not the least Murad Post-Acne Spot Lightening Gel - i use it at night everyday and love what the hydroquinone does to help lighten my acne scars

Re: Closest peel to acne peels at dermatologist offices?

What is PCOS?

Re: Closest peel to acne peels at dermatologist offices?

polycystic ovary syndrome that has hormonal symptoms such as acne and facial hair 

Re: Closest peel to acne peels at dermatologist offices?

Good Genes by Sunday Riley as a Mask. 5 pumps. OMG


It is heavenly. Very strong serum, but even stronger as a mask. The girl at the store told me it's the equivelant 40+% Lactic Acid because the actives are so pure and the pH is so low. Strongest product she said. I love the Dr Dennis Gross extra strength peel pads and the home mddi-spa kit he makes, Good Genes was so much stronger and made my skin still healthy at the same time. Loved the immediate and long term benefits!

Re: Closest peel to acne peels at dermatologist offices?

This is interesting.  I've had peels done in the derm's office, but it was never something that was covered by insurance, mine was always 100% out of pocket.  I had the revitalize peel and the rejuvenize peel.  Not sure if you've tried those but I DEFINITELY peeled and they were very effective.  I haven't found anything OOTO that compares but I do find that a retinoid helps, which it sound like you are already doing.  The one thing I would be careful of is doing too many at home peels in addition to the retin A.  I know with my in office peel I had to stop certain harsh topicals before the peel so as to not overly irritate my skin.  Do you do anything else for your acne?  I use a Differin Gel which I love but also need Aczone and Azelex + Sprinolactone to keep my skin at bay.  Part of what I've found to be most helpful is a treatment plan that prevents as much acne to begin with so I have less scaring to work with in the first place.

Re: Closest peel to acne peels at dermatologist offices?

I use retin-a 0.05 and aczone (on and off but i don't think aczone is working very well for me).


I was wondering if you have deep scarring and if retin-a helps with that. Also what percentage are you using? 0.1? I am very curious about 0.1. I am wondering if it could be more effective compared to 0.05.


Sorry for all the questions. I am just having a bad skin day. Thank you!

Re: Closest peel to acne peels at dermatologist offices?

I do actually take 100mg of Spironolactone and spot treat w Acanya cream (but it's not covered by my ins so it's only a sample). The peel I had that was covered is considered an acne treatment and is thus covered by insurance, but it's the only one that is.. I'll find out what it's called


Re: Closest peel to acne peels at dermatologist offices?

A thought on insurance not covering:

For Acanya, where you given a savings card? If so, and it doesn't help, the manufacturer may have their own pharmacy or financial program to keep costs low.


My insurance didn't cover benzoyl peroxide without a prior authorization. However, the derm office knows a more local pharmacy that has a zero copay for the insured and hand delivered it - no PA needed, just the doc calling rx in. I found out from the doc's assistant, only person who knew, so your doc or assistant may know a similar place.


Since Acanya isn't covered tell the doc that. It's 2 meds in one, so it may be covered if you get each med separately to layer and may have generics available for costs.


Then there's the website, Goodrx compares local prices and pharmacy matches what's shown - savings card, not insurance, so for OOP.



Re: Closest peel to acne peels at dermatologist offices?

Awesome!  My ins covered the two scripts to layer - a bit of a pain but not as much as paying the $100!  Thank you trysbeautyitems!

Re: Closest peel to acne peels at dermatologist offices?

Got it.  If you don't think it's working as you'd like you may want to check out the two I listed above.  They definitely work and awhile they are not cheap (I think I paid ~110-120 for one) neither are the OOTC products people seem to find more effective. Good luck.

Re: Closest peel to acne peels at dermatologist offices?

I will, thank you for the suggestions!  (Btw, ooto is out of the ordinary I assume but is the ootc just a typo..?)

Re: Closest peel to acne peels at dermatologist offices?

Keep in mind there's a difference between blackheads and sebaceous filments. Both are oil blockage. SFs typically appear on nose, won't go away as it's a natural process, everyone has. Uniformed patterned and smooth to touch.

Blackheads no pattern, rougher feeling, have an oxidized head. Can be removed.


Call the doc office and see what exactly was used, they could have a recommendation.


When I had peels done at office, it was cheaper OOP then through insurance, but may depend on actual peel. Also not all peels peel, I have had different versions and application methods.

Re: Closest peel to acne peels at dermatologist offices?

Never heard of sebaceous filments, will research!

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