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Post in Combination Skin


I'm 13 and trying to find a great new cleanser. I don't want anything that will clog my pores. I think maybe something more natural would be just right. Any products you want to suggest? Thanks!

Re: Cleanser

Hi Mandy99,


You may also want to try the Korres Milk Proteins 3 in 1 which is a cleanser, toner and makeup remover all in one. It's super lightweight and gentle and helps to balance your skin and remove any makeup.



Korres - Milk Proteins 3 In 1 Cleansing, Toning and Eye Make-Up Removing Emulsion

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Cleanser



Try Soy Fresh Cleanser this is very gently for your skin.


Hope this helps!

Re: Cleanser

the no7 hot cloth cleanser made my skin a very short amout of time. Wash with it twice a day, it is also a great makeup remover. Also, if you are into water cleansing, simple's soothing toner works great as a water cleanser-it actually removes makeup really good! 

Re: Cleanser

I have heard great things about Aveeno Positively Radiant foaming cleanser as well as the Aveeno Clear Complexion foaming cleanser, which may be better for you since your skin is more oily. I actually went to scope it out the other day in Target out of curosirty and they were sold out! Maybe says something.

Also, my dermatologist from a few years ago recommended Purpose cleanser. It is a little more pricey (I think around $14), but it is super gentle and worked really well Smiley Happy

Re: Cleanser

For a drugstore brand, the Neutrogena Naturals line of cleansers are a great option if you are looking for something without lots of added chemicals- it costs about 8 dollars.


If you are looking for something from Sephora, Josie Maran's Cleansing Oil is a great natural option.  It seems counterintuitive to put oil on your skin, but it actually helps to balance the skin and pull impurities out of pores when used according to directions.  


Hope that helps!

Re: Cleanser

Do you have oily, combination/normal, or dry skin?


For drugstore cleanser, I really like L'oreal 360 Go Clean, especially since it comes with the little pad that helps you to clean deeper. Purity Made Simple is also a great one, but a bit drying for people with dry skin.


I like Clinique liquid soap for oily skin, but it doesn't take off make up very well. I've also heard good things about Yes to Carrots, an organic/natural line carried in most drugstores.

Re: Cleanser

I would say that I have oily skin. Thanks for the advice! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Cleanser

I have always liked philosophy's Purity Made Simple.  It's gentle but very effective at washing off even waterproof makeup.  I know alot of people who swear by using it with a Clarisonic, but that's a bit pricey.  You can get mini sizes of Purity from Sephora, so you can try it out and if it's not right for you, then you're not out a bunch of money.

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