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Clarisonic Mia cleanser

Anyone use the clarisonic cleansing brush? And if so, do you have to use a certain face wash, or can you use any facial cleanser of your choice?

Re: Clarisonic Mia cleanser

I really love my Mia.  I use a gentler face wash with it so I don't over-dry my skin (I don't want to confuse my face and make it start getting MORE oily!)  It is already exfoliating, so why use a chemical exfoliant as well?  I'd stay away from cleansers with BHAs and AHAs.

Re: Clarisonic Mia cleanser

I love the Clarisonic brush!  You can use any cleanser you want with it, even the less expensive drugstore types work well. If you have sensitive skin, use a mild cleanser with the brush, as it really cleans! My makeup stays on better since I started using it, in fact I can use a tinted moisturizer rather than a heavier foundation because my skin is much clearer. You will love it!

Re: Clarisonic Mia cleanser

I do own and use the Clarisonic and I absolutely love it! You do not have to use a certain face wash with it, you can use any kind that you prefer. I know Clarisonic has a few face washes that they sell, and I have used them and they are great, but I prefer my own! I personally use it with Philosophy's Purity made simple and Philosophy's Microdelivery exfoliating wash (which is VERY gentle). 

Hope this helps! 


Re: Clarisonic Mia cleanser

Yes, thank you so much for the info! I am so excited to buy one and start trying it!

Re: Clarisonic Mia cleanser

I think you will really enjoy it! I got one last year for Christmas from my brother! Yes my brother went into a sephora and bought me one! I have to say it is the best gift I have ever received! No more flakey skin, no more clogged pores! I get complements on my skin and don't have to use foundation any more and I exfoliate once a week....instead of every other day like I used to!

Good Luck with your purchase!

Re: Clarisonic Mia cleanser

So do you use it everyday or once a week? If you use it everyday, why do you still exfoliate weekly? I was using the Olay device but realize it just doesn't cut it for me. I can't wait to try the mia.

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