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Post in Combination Skin

Can I use hydrating mask after harsh mask/treatments?

I have combination skin with dry/flaky patches in the winter. I find the rich hydrating masks targetting dry skin doesn't get absorbed as well as gel masks like Fresh Rose or AmorePacific Moisture Bound. I know the general rule of thumb is not to use 2 masks at the same time. However.....

.....whenever I use a harsh treatment like ExfoliKate intensive, or Sekkisei Kose peel-off mask (it's like 2x peeling power of Boscia black, it's intense), and my skin is usually a bit nervous (drier more sensitive) for the next day or two. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to use Fresh Rose or AP moisture mask right after rinsing off ExfoliKate to prevent that 1-2 days of unhappy skin.


Anyone had experiences using multiple masks at same time? would that work or should I just try to follow up with a more hydrating toner/lotion/moisturizer?

Re: Can I use hydrating mask after harsh mask/treatments?

I'm not sure if it's bad to use two mask, But i do it. After a harsh exfoliant or strong ance mask i use a moisturzing one cause my skin is so dry. I don't find any complications with it.

Re: Can I use hydrating mask after harsh mask/treatments?

Thanks! What exfoliant and masks do you use?

Lol, showering is like my relaxing ritual, so I like to make it as many steps/long as possible with the whole nine yards of skincare. =X

Re: Can I use hydrating mask after harsh mask/treatments?

Lol Mine too. I use Ole Henrikson Walnut Scrub, I love it so much! And Exfolikate. I only use once a week now cause it's pretty intense. I alternate with mask, Murad clarifying mask, Soap and Glory Fabpore facial, GlamGlow Mask(Both), And then after i use Origins Drink up moisture mask. I really want the Fresh Rose Mask!!! It sounds wonderful! 

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