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Post in Combination Skin

Basic vs. complex moisturizer over serums?

Hi everyone,


I currently use Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel over my morning and evening treatments.


I'm running low and interested in trying a different (slightly more moisturizing for the normal parts of my face) moisturizer. I see a lot of great moisturizers that have benefits to them as well... but will that mess with the benefits of my serum? I use Ole Henrikson Truth Serum in the day and either a retinol or benzoyl peroxide product at night.


I've enjoyed the Clinique moisturizer as its pretty basic but was wondering what you ladies do. If anyone has a suggestion for a slightly more moisturizing (and simply just intended to moisturize - maybe the Clinique lotion?) moisturizer... let me know!

Re: Basic vs. complex moisturizer over serums?

It's fine to layer moisturizers over serums.  Just don't do it to the point where your skin can't absorb it all and you go to bed with sticky face.  Have you tried Clinique Moisture Surge?  That's a really nice gel moisturizer that is slightly more emollient than the Dramatically Different, and has some nice antioxidants that help skin be healthier.



Re: Basic vs. complex moisturizer over serums?

I really liked Dramatically Different Lotion as it left my skin smooth feeling, but it still didn't provide me enough moisture in the winter.  


I've started using First Aid Beauty products.  I find the Daily Face Cream and 5 in 1 Face Cream with SPF to be really moisturizing and pretty basic.  Although they have claims with what they'll do they are made for sensitive skin and are pretty simple yet great!

Re: Basic vs. complex moisturizer over serums?

I think there are a few schools of thought on this topic. If you're familiar with Caroline Hirons' blog, her philosophy seems to be to just pile it all on. The effects of different components likely are additive as opposed to combative. If you're worried about an ingredient, you could probably google interactions. Any bad interactions you'd have with retinol, for example, would most likely have to do with certain medicines you might take, prescription or OTC.

A lot of skincare is trial and error, which is why I love going to Sephora and picking up samples! Try out a moisturizer you are interested in and keep the rest of your routine the same. You'll either see a negative response right away or in a few days, if there will be one.

If your skin isn't sensitive, you're probably good to go on whatever you want to try. Unfortunately, my skin is very sensitive, so I do like to keep my moisturizer rather basic (I use Lancome's Bienfiat Aqua Vital or anything from Dr. Andrew Weil's Mega Mushroom line). In general, I think Clinique's products are mostly mild, but moisturizing. I've used the Moisture Surge and Dramatically Different lotion, and enjoyed both, although the lotion made my skin look a little greasy, so I used it at night.

Good luck!

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