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Are facials worth it?

So I got a facial yesterday for the first time. Lovely experience, although she was a crappy masseuse. However my skin didn't really look all that different. I struggle with large pores/blackheads (or whatever the new term for black spots on the nose is). They are the bane of my existence, and I've had them since I was 13. Pore strips work alright, but I feel they are pretty harsh and I don't like using them. I have a pretty vigorous exfoliation routine (alternate with a scrub and clay masks every day), PTR's 2% AHA 10% BHA serum, glycolic acid toner, ect. but I still have these spots.


They have gotten better, but are still there, so I thought a facial where they did more intense exfoliation or extractions would help. Maybe I just need a better esthetician? The majority of the salons around me are Aveda salons, and I'm not completely sold on that brand. 


Anyways, the point of my ramblings are, do you get regular facials? What brands do they use? How would you suggest choosing a good spa/salon?

Re: Are facials worth it?

Do any of you guys read the blog Bun Bun's make up tips? She posted about her experience having a facial a while back and looking at those pictures has made me terrified of going to get a facial.


It's silly because I know it was obviously an isolated incident and allergic reaction but I am such a paranoid person I can't help thinking WHAT IF


Which sucks because I love facials. I don't know if I have them for the actual facial cleansing etc properties or just because they're so wonderfully relaxing.

Re: Are facials worth it?

Oh my...... I saw the pics of that poor girl after the facial and it looked like she had a staph infection all over her face. Made me cringe.

Re: Are facials worth it?

I wish I hadn't looked it up Smiley Sad  That was scary Smiley Sad

Re: Are facials worth it?

o h  m y  g o s h

I don't think I'll ever be able to get a facial again.


I feel all cringey inside now.

Re: Are facials worth it?

Oh my gosh. That poor girl. *cries*

Re: Are facials worth it?

Ok, that was the most terrifying thing I've seen in a long time. I'm probably going to cause myself to break out now because I keep touching my face to make sure its not breaking out!

Re: Are facials worth it?

I HAVE BEEN DOING THE SAME THING. and now i feel a little bumpy on my forehead. so it's probably because i've been rubbing my dirty fingers all over my face.


I am sorry I inflicted that on you! I shouldn't have said anything. i am a bad person. I am going to go stand in the corner now.




(It was awful wasn't it? I felt so so so bad for her. She's healed though now it looks like.)

Re: Are facials worth it?

Thank god. That was just awful. 


I can't believe they did extractions after she had the reaction... twice!! I just... wow. Poor girl. 

Re: Are facials worth it?

Oh geeze. To google!

Re: Are facials worth it?

They are hit or miss for me. I have a membership at Massage Envy and it really has depended on who the esthetician is.

Re: Are facials worth it?

They are absolutely worth it! Find a spa that offers multiple type of facials, and look at the Yelp reviews.

Re: Are facials worth it?

Thanks! My only issue with doing research is that not many places have reviews. I don't live in a bigger city or anything, so its hit and miss with new places. 

Re: Are facials worth it?

Chupi's back. Back again.


Elaine! Facials vary so much. I use to be addicted to Groupon massages and facials. I would Yelp the place before purchasing. I've gotten basic facials, laser ones, chemical peels, etc. A good spa will offer different types of facials (ones targeted to acne, aging, dark spots, etc.)


I get the same clogged nose as you and the only thing that helps me is doing extractions once a week. A lot of spa's refuse to do extractions or make you pay more for them.


That being said, I no longer get professional facials and just do them myself at home because I have so many products.

Re: Are facials worth it?


(Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

Re: Are facials worth it?

How does one perform extractions? Is it hard or painful? I've never gotten a real facial, but I'm intrigued

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