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Acne scarring and dark spots

I'm 19. I have deep skin and I have a lot of dark spots from acne scarring. I don't get pimples too often but when I'm stressed I find that my skin breaks out. My skin keeps marks for a while and I don't know what to use as a cleanser, treatment, or moisturizer. I'm using clearasil right now the acne cream works a little but, it dries my skin. HELP! 

Re: Acne scarring and dark spots

Now no need to get worry of acne scarring and dark spots. Dr jyoti is one of best doctor who used to do laser treatment. You will definitely find best and positive results. 


I dont think the Clearasil is helping much. I'd ditch it....

I dont think the Clearasil is helping much. I'd ditch it. Be much more gentle to an uneven skintone and you will see results rapidly. My favorite cleanser is Dr.Weils For Origins Mushroom Cream Cleanser. It sounds gross, but it really does a lot for your skin. Its pricey but worth it. If the 27 dollars seems to be too much I know not everyones into skincare, you should try cleansing your skin with actual oatmeal. Way cheaper and gives same effect. Just wet the oatmeal until it soaks up the water and apply on skin like paste as  cleanser. This will exfoliate, calm, and soothe your skin and pamper it for renewal. I LOVEEEEEEEEEE it 😃 Try teaming the oatmeal up with a good lightening cream right now Im using Origins Brightening Serum. Ive also used Jurlique and Shiseido and they both work great. Also, theres a product called Ambi at Walmart that does work but it has hydroquinone in it which is bad for your liver =0

I can relate.  It is possible the detergents in your face...

I can relate.  It is possible the detergents in your face wash is irritating your face.  Try neutrogena face cleanser for stress control.  It doesn't make bubbles but it also contains salicylic acid and will gently wash your face.  I recently switched to this.  Before I used the very basic: noxemea face cream.  It works great also, but when I start stressing out, I need to vamp up my face wash.  For scars (I have those too)  I've been working with Clinique's even better dark spot corrector serum and the face lotion.  It's been working well for me but it's expensive and you have to use it over a long period of time to see results.  Hope this helps!

To fade dark acne spots I would use a retinol serum/moist...

To fade dark acne spots I would use a retinol serum/moisturizer at least twice a week. In addition I have found a great mask for brightening the skin, Mario Badescu's Whitening Mask, works really well. Another product that I use once a week is Ren's Glycolactic Renewal Peel Mask, it's great for scarring and even helps with my breakouts.


Hope this helps:)

Hi Chenelle,   I can totally understand your frustration....

Hi Chenelle,


I can totally understand your frustration. First I would recommend using a cleanser that will help to fight the acne in addition to keeping your skin hydrated. Because a lot of acne products tend to dry the skin out, you want to make sure that you are giving back as much moisture as you can to your skin to keep it hydrated. A great tip, is when using any acne skincare try to not use it every day. It is okay and will work if you are using a cream or treatment every other day. Doing this can definitely help prevent your skin getting dry. Not sure if you have ever checked out the Murad skincare line, but it is absolutely fantastic and works really well. It comes in a really great starter kitSmiley Happy. Hope this helps.




Sara B

Sephora Pro Artist






Murad Acne Complex Kit ($100 Value), $60

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