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Post in Combination Skin

Achieving flawless skin

I have combination skin and I always have drier spots in the winter time...after applying makeup, those spots appear flaky. My skin is looking very uneven right now. Mineral foundations during this time of year make it worse and Im looking for products and tips on how to acheive that "flawless look". Any tips would be greatly appreciated..thank you !



I'm on the same quest.  My cheeks are super dry and my t-...

I'm on the same quest.  My cheeks are super dry and my t-zone is oily and acne prone.  Recently purchased the Origins Checks and Balances Face Cleanser based on a recommendation.  Only been using it for about two weeks and my cheeks have never been so moisturized and smooth.  My t-zone is much better, not perfect but better.  It truly does what it says balances the dry and oily areas. My makeup goes on smoother ( I use MUFE HD Foundation or Josie Maran Matchmaker Foundation - I can't use Mineral Powder Foundations they just make me look like I have the worst fake tan - even the lightest ones come out very odd looking on my skin).  Josie Maran Argan Oil for extra moisture has been a great addition to my routine.  All my life I have had really weird skin, what worked for everyone else did not work for me.  My mother has amazing skin and really does nothing special, me not so blessed.  Since she had good skin she would always say I don't have to use anything special so you shouldn't.  Finally starting to find products that work for me to correct the years of neglect/using the wrong skin care and not knowing what to use/try some inexpensive and some expensive.  Hope this helps you

As stated above, you might need a stronger moisturizer....

As stated above, you might need a stronger moisturizer.  One of the products that a lot of people suggest is FAB Ultra Repair cream.  It is excellent for dry flakey skin and there are a lot of people who use it with their rashes and eczema.  Plus it is fairly cheap. This could be a product in which you want to consider.


Another thing you might want to consider is using a different cleanser, one which will be far more moisturizing cleanser for the winter.  An oil based cleanser is nice, especially because it doesn't strip the skin of its nature moisture.  One of the products that I am beginning to loves is Boscia's Cleansiing oil, which I found has worked for me using it twice a day.  I only need about half a pump to apply to my whole face.


Hope this somewhat helps you out.



You can't hide dry/flaky skin with make up (if someone kn...

You can't hide dry/flaky skin with make up (if someone knows how to, I'd like to know too).


I have combo skin, oily in the summer and dry/flaky chin in the winter. While I don't need to do much aside from clean and moisturize in the summer, I need to use masks and get a heavier moisturizer in the winter. If you are using the same moisturizer now as you did in the summer, get a heavier one. Exfoliation help get rid of dry/flaky patches (Clinique 7 day cream scrub), and an enzyme mask help to jumpstart your skin metabolism/regeneration/vitality whatever you call it (Ren F10 works for me). My stable winter moisturizer (L'occitane Apple Almond concentrate) have just been discontinued, so I'm currently on the hunt for a replacement (you can try Boots no.7 Protect&Perfect, Korres Wild Rose, or A Perfect World).


A primer during the day night help, but the best thing to do is nourish your skin at night (what I said above) and protect your skin during the day. If you are fine with your current moisturizer or in a pinch, I have also just applied my lip balm to the dry spot after moisturizing at night, and do the usual in the morning.

how about using two different foundations? i don't have a...

how about using two different foundations?

i don't have a professional knowledge about the combination skins but i've heard of friends that apply different type of foundations for the different parts of there skin.

sorry if this didn't help

let me know if you have any more questions or notSmiley Happy

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