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Any birthmark beauties in here?


Trying and failing miserably to clean up my beauty routine and I’ve found products I sort of like for skincare, hair, and body. My skin is suffering breakouts unlike anything I’ve ever seen and my hair is not happy but that’s a story for another time. However I really can’t find good full coverage concealer/foundation. And powder! Oh dear, it just breaks up on my face and is awful. 

I have a pink-ish (I’ve had laser treatments) birthmark on my right cheek that I just feel more comfortable covering with makeup. Please tell me someone here also has a birthmark and has found the holy grail of products that cover as flawlessly as conventional makeup? I’m desperate! 

Re: Any birthmark beauties in here?

I am very fair. So my birthmark can look quite dark at times. I have also had laser treatments. When I have some colour to my skin it shows a lot less. So I like to use self tanner (my favourite is Isle of Paradise) and when I have a tan I only need a bit of concealer and some powder and it is completely vanished. It is hard having a birthmark right on your face.. but only my family knows I actually have one. No one has ever noticed mine but it has taken years of perfecting my makeup & skincare. Depending on the shape of your birthmark (mine is broken up a bit) when you are contouring try to avoid putting too much bronzer right on the birthmark if possible. I go a lot lighter on the bronzer on the side I do not have it. 
when wearing so much makeup I highly recommend using a cleanser, a light exfoliater and a toner. It just helps really get everything out of your pores!! 

Re: Any birthmark beauties in here?

I have a birthmark as well covering half of my face. I have a few different products but my go to is actually Too Faced born this way foundation (matte or regular formula) paired with the Too Faced born this way concealer. I also top with the Too Faced born this way pressed powder but I use a brush to apply and I am very light with it. You can use a green concealer BEFORE applying anything but be very light with it or the green will show through even all those layers of makeup. It sounds like a lot but it actually goes on flawlessly and does not look cakey. My biggest suggestion would be priming with a serum instead of a primer but that just works best with my skin! hope this helps you. 


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