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skincare for my tween

Looking for advice for a skincare routine for my preteen daughter. I don\'t want to use all the typical drug store brands as they are full of chemicals, is there something more natural/organic?

Re: skincare for my tween

For natural brands I would recommend Burts Bees, YesTo, Boscia, and Belif. But if you were looking for specific products for her, I would get her a face wash, a moisturizer, a blemish serum, and a fun face mask because all kids love to use the face masks. I would get a face wash from YesTo, either the Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Daily Gentle Cleanser, or the Yes To blueberries Foaming Face Cleanser. For moisturizer, I would get the one from the Belif brand. the BELIF - The True Cream Aqua Bombis literally sooo good. My 13 year old daughter uses it and loves it. But if you were going for something less expensive, Neutrogena makes a Hydro Boost gel moisturizer exactly like it, but you said that you want natural products so I would stick with the Belif one. And ahhhh, acne. Getting into fights about wanting to use every single acne wash on the planet and scrub for 2 hours trying to get rid of it. But it wont help. The best thing she can do for her skin is to make a routine and stick with it, because if she changes it a whole bunch she will get acne if she doesn't have it already. But, there is something you can do to help speed up the healing process of getting rid of those pesky pimples, and that is a spot treatment. Once again, you need natural products so Burt's Bees has acne treatments like their Herbal Complexion Stick or their Targeted Spot Treatment serum or their Maximum Strength spot Treatment Cream. And finally, the fun face masks. Boscia is a cool brand for teens that is natural. They have quite a few face masks so you can go ahead and choose one you like. I would recommend BOSCIA - Luminizing Black Charcoal Maskfor her. I really hope this helped. Also, if she is wearing some makeup like clear or brown mascara, blush, and lipgloss she can remove it naturally using some olive oil on a cotton ball, or dip her fingers into some coconut oil and massage it all over her face and eyes. 


I really hope this helps you and your daughter, I love to help kids who aren't quite sure about what to get because I would have liked that when I was a kid. Hope this helps!

Hello!   Here are a few natural brands that have starter...



Here are a few natural brands that have starter kits for your daughter!



Boscia's Best Set



All 3 of these kits are a great way to introduce your daughter to the world of skincare. The only other product I would add to these routines is an SPF for her to use daily. I hope one of these works well for her! If you have any questions please let me know!







When you say "preteen" do you mean younger than 13? If th...

When you say "preteen" do you mean younger than 13? If thats the case, dont set her up on some extensive skincare regime. Sunscreen and cleanser is important. There are great all natural brands at the drugstore right now (Burts Bees, Yes to Line) that make great products.

You don't need much at that age, usually just a good mois...

You don't need much at that age, usually just a good moisturizer and face wash.  I really like the Boscia face washes and their blackhead strips.  Korres makes some really nice tinted lip balms.  Josie Maran has great argan-oil based moisturizers for dry/combination skin.  I also really like the makeup from Tarte and Bare Escentuals but haven't tried their skincare. 

Here is a link of the skincare items I have found that ar...

Here is a link of the skincare items I have found that are listed as Sephora Naturals.


As far as these brands go, my favorites are Boscia, REN, Korres, Josie Maran and Ole Henrikson. ALL of the brands are amazing and I have tried products from almost every brand, but the 4 I'm calling out specificially typically have items that are more within my budget. Ole and Boscia have the best starter kits though.


Hope this helps!

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