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how often to use an acid

How often should I use the Sunday Reily good genes.

Re: how often to use an acid

Hi there, 


I'll second what @quspork and @alexasteph said.  Sunday Riley Good Genes is a great lactic acid exfoliator, but if your skin isn't used to it, it can become easily irritated.  Try for 2 to 3 times per week initially.  You may experience some redness or dry patches, so scale back if/when that happens.  Eventually, you'll build tolerance, but just be careful not to over do it.  Smiley Happy

Re: how often to use an acid

It really depends on your skin, @tinazhang718. Have you used lactic acid or any other chemical exfolatiors before? If you're new to the ingredient, I would start slowly by using it twice a week and then moving up to three times a week after a couple of weeks. 

Re: how often to use an acid

@tinazhang718 Until you learn your skin's tolerance level, it's smart to start with every other day or every two days application up to once a day. Acids are very effective exfoliators so it's easy to over do it and irritate your skin. Spot test on the inside of your wrist if you are trying a product for the very first time before applying it to your entire face. Once you know how your skin reacts, Good Genes can be safely used as directed once a day. 

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