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Post in Clean Beauty

healthy ingredients??

I would like to purchase products that are good for my body and face and do not pose potential health concerns.  I use lotion everyday and make up most days, and I don't want to be putting on harmful ingredients. 


I'm not super concerned about all natural and organic all the time, but it would make sense that more natural is better....I think?


I want a good line of makeup and skincare that will work.  I'm willing to pay more if I need to, but don't need expensive top of the line.  I don't wear A LOT of makeup but I like a clean, fresh look most days and always wear a few things (mascara, eye liner, lip gloss, light foundation). 


What lines would you suggest?  Has anyone done any research or have a good resource to find healthy products?  I found a website called GoodGuide but it does not rate certain lines (Bare Escentuals, Lancome...etc.).  Thanks!

I have found the Environmental Working Group's cosmetic database indispensable


You can search by brand, product, or ingredient to view a listing of potential hazards, and with an overall rating for a product.  Very informative, non-profit third party review - you can also suggest products for them to review if they haven't done one yet for what you are looking for.  


With that in mind, I wish Sephora would carry Suki Cosmetics and Dr. Hauschka, right now I have to rely on Whole Foods or ordering from their specific sites, but these are staples in organic skin care - very luxurious and work wonders!!  I also love the Tarte line that Sephora carries.


Try Josie Maran Cosmetics. Their moisturizer consists of...

Try Josie Maran Cosmetics.

Their moisturizer consists of only 1 ingredient: Organic Argan Oil.  You can read about the benefits of Argan Oil on the web or on her site.  It works on your entire body.  I use it on my face and lips, and on my elbows especially.  It makes my skin so soft.

Also a lot of her makeup uses natural ingredients.

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